Friday 3 November 2017

Behind The Brand | Too Faced

Date of Birth: 1998

Founding Fathers: Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson

History: Jerrod and Jeremy's love affair with cosmetics began when they both started working on makeup counters - Jerrod for Estee Lauder, Armani and Chanel and Jeremy for Estee Lauder. It was through working one-on-one with clients that enabled both boys to see the transformative power makeup had on women. This inspired them to create there own cosmetics line but, unlike the ones that existed in the late 90's, Jerrod and Jeremy wanted to create a brand that broke the rules, brought femininity back to cosmetics and injected fun into the industry.

Since its launch in 1998, Too Faced has continued to be a professional makeup brand that knows how to have fun. The brand produces amazing products - that are contained in equally as amazing packaging - and was the first cosmetic company to bring glitter eye shadow and lip plumpers to the market.

Both boys still run the Too Faced show, with Jeremy initiating new business strategies and Jerrod creating innovative new products. Yay for not selling out!

Motto: Create your own looks, find what you love, and own your pretty.

Offerings: Too Faced offer everything to meet your makeup needs - from liquid lipsticks, eye primers and palettes to mascaras and highlighters.

Hero Products: Better Than Sex Mascara, Born This Way Foundation, Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection and Melted Matte.

Availability: Too Faced is available in over 30 countries. If you're based in the UK, you can find the brand at Debenhams and Selfridges. If you're Stateside, you can get your Too Faced fix at Sephora and ULTA.


Price Points

Foundations: Up to £34.00 / $39.00

Blushers: Up to £30.00 / $30.00

Lipsticks: Up to £21.00 / $21.00

Mascaras: Up to £23.00 / $23.00

Eye Shadow Palettes: Up to £49.00 / $49.00

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