Tuesday 24 October 2017

Review: AVEDA Invati Range

The Aveda Invati range is designed to help those with hair loss and fine hair in big way - it claims to reduce hair loss by 33%. So being a fine-haired bitch, I had to review it...

Invati is made up of three products, an Exfoliating Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner and Scalp Revitalizer. The exfoiltaing shampoo (£23.50 lookfantastic.com/$30 Nordstrom) has a thin - almost watery - consistency that lathers surprisingly well. It spreads evenly into the hair and rinses away quickly, leaving nothing but squeaky-clean hair behind. It also has that gorgeous trademark Aveda scent which I can never get enough of.

As for the Invati Thickening Conditioner (£26 lookfantastic.com/$30 Nordstrom), it doesn't have that standard thick creamy consistency you may be used to with other conditioners - this one is very lightweight. Unlike all other conditioners I'm used to, the Thickening Conditioner has to be worked into the scalp and roots... not the ends. This is to ensure it gets to work nourishing the roots and promoting healthy growth. But don't be put off by the roots application. This thickening conditioner rinses away perfectly and doesn't leave any greasy residue behind - strange but true. Once dry, hair is still bouncy and uber clean.

The most targeted product in the Invati range is the Scalp Revitalizer (£47 lookfantastic.com/$63 Nordstrom). Designed to be used twice a day - morning and night - the Revitalier needs to be sprayed into the roots to cover the entire scalp. It sprays easily, distributing the product evenly. Once it is applied everywhere, you then massage it into the scalp to get that blood flowing (and hair growing!). This product is amazing. It really transforms hair, making it look and feel thicker - without drying or stiffening the hair. It also helps to cut down styling time which was an unexpected bonus.

Overall I love this range and can't find a fault with it. If you have fine hair, you need to hook yourself up with Invati ASAP!

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