-- A Bad Girl's Guide to Beauty (and Babies) --

I love beauty – skincare, makeup, pampering, the whole fucking shebang. However in the eyes of the beauty world I’m not the best behaved beauty blogger. I don’t drink enough water, forget to cleanse more than I’d like to admit and my body would go into shock if I consumed more than two portions of fruit or vegetables a day. Oh, and I will always choose a trip to McDonald’s over one to the gym. But, regardless of that, I’m forever looking for products and treatments that will improve my overall appearance…with minimal effort from me. Let me be clear. I want to look young forever…in my eyes, Death Becomes Her was an inspirational drama, not a comedy.

Over the years I’ve realised I’m not the only beauty bad girl on this sweet earth. There are millions of us that are too busy, too tired or – fuck it – too damn lazy to begin this ‘beauty from within’ bullshit. Us girls want beauty information as quickly as we want visible results, so this is why I created thebeautyinformer.com; to provide a regular dose of beauty for bad girls.

I research, review and report on all things beauty so you don’t have to. So whether you’re desperate to find out what the hell retinol does, or just want to know if LancĂ´me’s latest launch will transform your face, you've landed in the right place. Oh, and after having a baby recently, I've decided to throw in lots of baby and motherhood content for good measure. After all, this new chapter is joyful, exciting and pretty fucking challenging, so why not share it?!

S x

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