Wednesday, 27 April 2016

True Brit London Launches


True Brit London is a new brand that you need to know about.

It is a British nail care company that was founded by Kate Cavan, a nail expert who has devoted her career to the beauty industry, bringing some of the biggest professional nail care brands to the market. With over three decades of experience as a design consultant for a variety of cosmetic companies, she decided to launch her own nail brand. Kate’s aim was simple; to create a brand that exudes British luxury and design a range of nail care products that supersede all others in aesthetics and performance. She succeeded, launching True Brit London this year.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Weekly Worship: Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Mask


You might have noticed that I've been trialling more hair products than usual lately. Well, me and my hair have a shitty relationship; it's fine, flat and boring so I've never given it any attention. It doesn't fucking deserve it. However, in an effort to rekindle our romance, I've started to care for it a little better. Over the past month I've been using a variety of products that have really been helping my mane and one of which is the Phyto Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Mask (£36.00 / $59.00 Sephora). I've been loving it...

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Review: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones


The Promise: "Moroccanoil® Dry Shampoo Dark Tones contains ultra-fine, oil-absorbing rice starch that removes buildup and odor, leaving hair instantly clean and refreshed"

The Price: £14.85 / $26.00 205ml

The Stockist: /

The Application: Moroccanoil's Dry Shampoo comes in a spray can which makes application clean and easy - the nozzle distributes the product evenly which I love. Now that sounds anal-as-fuck but when I use other dry shampoos, I can never get a steady amount of product to come out during each spray... leading to an uneven build-up of product in my hair.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

News: #LoveYourHair With Dove


If there is one beauty brand out there that is thirsty to remove self-hate from this earth, it's Dove. For the past few years the beauty giant has been pushing a shit load of campaigns to encourage women to celebrate their individual beauty. Some campaigns have worked really well while others really haven't. However Dove is back with yet another one...and I kinda like it.
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