Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Easy Way To Whiten Teeth


I am obsessed with achieving perfect teeth. Mine are ok but I'm constantly debating whether to hook myself up with veneers and take my mouth to the next level. The one good thing about my teeth is that they're pretty white and, achieving this has been simple. I am often asked how I get them this way, so it's about time I shared my secret. After all, it's really not that complicated - it's just great toothpaste and a quality toothbrush...

Monday, 23 May 2016

How To Boost A Scent's Staying Power


I have a fragrance addiction; a bad one. If I had five minutes to clear out a section of Selfridges (during my imaginary game show), you bet your ass I'm heading to the counters selling scents. The biggest problem is that more of my fucks are given to premium and unique fragrances and, sadly, they come with a heavy price tag. So using them sparingly and prolonging their lasting power is what I'm all about; luckily I've learnt a few tricks throughout the years to make this possible. However, before sharing them, it's important to note that fragrance bottles should be stored in cool and dry places, away from windows. Vampire style. The last thing you want is your fragrances expiring before they have to. But anyway, forget the bottles, let's talk about prolonging a scent's staying power on the body...

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Win: A Givenchy Makeup Set

When it comes to creating truly luxurious beauty, Givenchy has it mastered. The French brand's packaging, product formulas and pigments are absolutely gorgeous and each season we are blessed with a new collection that really gets me going.

As sharing really is caring, I am giving one of you the chance to win a Givenchy makeup set worth over £150.00. To get involved, simply enter via Rafflecopter...

Friday, 20 May 2016

News: Models Own Launch Makeup Collection


Models Own is disrupting the British beauty scene with the launch of its first makeup collection...and its a beaut. The new range has stayed true to the brand’s brave and bold attitude, so be prepared for an explosion of colour and innovation. And Models Own hasn't started small or played safe with this new launch - the brand has gone hard and created over 500 products for the eye, face and lips! The colourful collection - which launched only this week - includes everything from eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners and lipsticks to bronzers, brow pencils and highlighters. Prices range from £4.99 - £19.00, so getting hooked up won't leave you a broke-ass bitch.
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