Thursday 20 July 2023

Beauty Backstory | Windle Lab

Windle Lab is an award-winning British haircare brand founded by one of London's most loved hairdressers, Paul Windle.

With more than 35 years in the industry and the successful launch of multiple iconic haircare brands, including Bumble & Bumble in the UK, Paul Windle is celebrated for his vast knowledge and commitment to transparency in haircare. During his career, Paul noticed a disconnect between haircare brands and the manufacturing process, discovering that product effectiveness is often lost in large-scale operations. It was this revelation that inspired him to create Windle Lab.

Windle Lab embodies Paul Windle's vision of providing superior, scientifically-backed haircare for all. Partnering with an expert in sustainable, organic skincare, Paul adapted advanced skincare technology for hair and scalp health, paving the way for a new era of haircare products.

Located in the serene setting of the Lake District, the Windle Laboratory is the heart of the brand. Here, the in-house team researches, develops, and handcrafts the entire Windle Lab haircare and styling range.

Using superior ingredients, including rich tea blends which are brewed on-site, the in-house chemist dedicates her time to researching and studying the molecular structure of the hair and scalp and carefully sourcing ingredients to feed the hair for strength and vitality, whilst addressing the importance of long-term scalp health. This ensures the Windle Lab products work to feed, not coat the hair or scalp, to strengthen strands and improve overall hair health.

Windle Lab offer a number of products for the hair, from shampoos and treatments, to sprays and waxes. Hero products include the Thickening Cream, Healthy Head Treatment Shampoo, Foundation Spray, Ultra Nourishing Shampoo, and Invisible Day & Night Cream. The brand also offer refills on many of its products, saving both the planet and your pocket.

I am obsessed with the brand's Thickening Cream (£16.50 It is a multi-use styling cream that provides lift and volume to all hair types. It makes my hair feel and look thicker, whilst also delivering definition and a supple hold. It glides through the hair like a dream, rinses away effortlessly, leaving no greasy residue behind, and it smells absolutely divine. The Thickening Cream contains a UV filter and, like all other Windle Lab products, is free of sulphates, propylene gylcol, and parabens.

Windle Lab prices range from £19.75 to £37.50 and the brand is available from and

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