Tuesday 14 November 2017

The Tuesday Tip: Rewarding Recycling!

Coming to the end of a great beauty product is never a good thing, however if you purchased the product from a particular brand, you may be able to recycle it for a little reward...

Big global beauty brands like MAC, Khiel's and Lush offer great rewards for recycling - most often letting customers exchange empty products for a free gift. Now, this isn't a new thing and it is certainly no secret, however it's surprising just how many people don't know about it!

When it comes to MAC, six empty primary packaging containers will get you a free MAC lipstick. You can either bring the products in store or organise everything online. Khiel's are a little more demanding - the brand requires 10 empty full-sized bottles in exchange for one travel collection product of your choice. Finally, the good people at Lush will reward you with one fresh face mask of your choosing, so long as you bring them just five empty black pots!

So the next time you go to bin a beauty product, think again! As recycling it in store may be rewarding for you and the environment!

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