Saturday, 28 September 2013

Weekly Worship: Touché by Flavien

Touché by Flavien

Price: £15.00 - £39.00 / $25.00 - $65.00

Stockist: Harrods,

Anti-ageing hair care is here and I couldn't be more in love...

Touché by Flavien is a premium anti-ageing hair care range created by celebrity hairdresser extraordinaire Flavien Abbas. The range is made up of 3 shampoos, 3 conditioners and a very unique and effective core ingredient. This miracle ingredient I speak of is the precious and costly opuntia ficus indica oil, also known as prickly pear oil or cactus fruit oil. This rare ingredient is rich in vitamin E and high in antioxidants. It is cell rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and has a high moisture content.

Currently I've only tried the Balanced Scalp Shampoo, Volume Up Conditioner and Black Tea Scalp Tonic, however I'm hooked on the range already. Since using these products my hair is healthier, glossier and stronger than ever before. Each product makes my hair smell absolute gorgeous and the luxury packaging adds serious style to my bathroom.

The only slight downside to the Touché by Flavien range is the expensive price tag. However I would still purchase each product a million times over.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Review: Fendi L'acquarossa EDP

The Inspiration: "The new Fendi fragrance is a tribute to the woman who dares to break down barriers, codes and boundaries. An ode to all those generations of women with a significant aura, a memorable presence"

Fendi L'acquarossa EDP

The Price: £43.50 30ml

The Stockist: Harrods

Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Tangerine and Plum

Middle Notes: Lantana Flower, Rose, Orange Blossom and Magnolia

Base Notes: Red Cedar, Musk and Indonesian Patchouli

Fendi L'acquarossa

The Results: When it comes to the art of perfumery, Fendi has it mastered. The brand continues to create exquisite fragrances and the latest offering, L'acquarossa, is no exception.

L'acquarossa is a floral and fruity scent that suits all occasions and moods. The fragrance is rich and incredibly sexy, making it the perfect evening accessory. However, regardless of this, it is still fresh and light enough to be worn throughout the day.

This beautiful perfume also has serious staying power. I can apply L'acquarossa in the early morning and still smell it on my skin before I fall asleep.

The only downside to L'acquarossa is that it isn't available in the US yet. However, fear not! Harrods offer international shipping!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: Elizabeth Arden

“I only want people around me who can do the impossible”


Monday, 23 September 2013

Behind The Brand: Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Logo

Date of Birth: 1910

Founder: Elizabeth Arden

History: The Elizabeth Arden brand was born when Canadian-American businesswoman, Miss Elizabeth Arden opened her famous New York salon in 1910. Miss Arden famously painted the salon door bright red in the hope of standing out on Fifth Avenue and it worked! That little touch was so effective that the red door became synonymous with the Elizabeth Arden brand and eventually formed part of the brand's logo. Today, the Elizabeth Arden Red Door is recognised around the world as a symbol of beauty, luxury and quality.
In 1912, Arden participated in the suffrage movement, supplying red lipstick to the suffragettes. The striking red shade became part of standard rally uniform, as well as a symbol of female emancipation.

In 1916 Elizabeth Arden expanded the brand by introducing a full line of skincare and colour cosmetics. Her fundamental belief was that beauty should not be a veneer of makeup, but an intelligent cooperation between science and nature in order to develop a woman's finest natural assets. Miss Arden created skincare products that benefited, not masked, the skin.

By 1930, Miss Arden had opened Red Door salons in the majority of the fashion capitals around the globe. She proudly acknowledged her accomplishments by proclaiming that there were only three American names known in every corner of the globe: Singer Sewing Machines, Coca-Cola and Elizabeth Arden. At the peak of her career, she was one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Elizabeth Arden is now a $1.3 billion company with products sold in more than 100 countries.

Old Elizabeth Arden advert

USP: Elizabeth Arden is recognised worldwide for innovative beauty products, technology driven skincare, trendsetting makeup and distinctive perfumes.

Motto: "To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman"

Giving Back: Elizabeth Arden is one of a handful of brands that support 'Look Good Feel Better', a charity that provides practical support for women struggling with the side effects of cancer treatment. The brand also supports a huge number of other charities, including Cancer and Careers.

Offerings: Elizabeth Arden offers a growing portfolio of products, selling everything from fragrances and foundations to eye shadow palettes and eyelash & eyebrow enhancing serums.

Hero Products: Eight Hour Cream, Ceramide Ultra Lipstick, PREVAGE Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum and the Green Tea Scent Spray.

Availability: Elizabeth Arden is sold all over the globe! If you reside in the US of A, you can find Elizabeth Arden at Macy's, Nordstrom and ULTA. If you are UK based, you can get your Elizabeth Arden fix at Boots, John Lewis and Debenhams.


Price Points

Foundations: Up to £30.00/$36.00

Single Eye Shadows: Up to £17.00/$18.50

Blushers: Up to £26.00/$26.00

Lipsticks: Up to £19.50/$25.00

Skincare: Up to £160.00/$225.00

Friday, 20 September 2013

Weekly Worship: Neo Stem Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum

Price: £59.00 30ml

Stockist: M&S Beauty

I have been applying the Neo Stem Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum daily for the past month and I couldn't be more in love with it.

Designed to prevent the signs of lipoatrophy and premature ageing, the serum contains two active ingredients, the Omega Statine and the Z-Dronate. These ingredients work by slowing down the production of progerin, enabling the skin to maintain normal cell division, repair and production and thereby keeping the skin younger

The Neo Stem Serum applies effortlessly, feels amazing on the skin and delivers outstanding results. Since using it my skin is smooth, plump and free of fine lines

The only downside to this product?? It isn't available Stateside.....yet!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: Rosa Parks

“I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear”


Monday, 16 September 2013

Faithful Four: Nail Lacquers

OPI Nail Lacquer
Promise: “OPI nail polish provides a comprehensive palette of gorgeous colours to suit your every mood, outfit and season. With fun, descriptive names and a chip-resistant formula”
Price: £11.50/$9.00 15ml
Purchase: John

When it comes to nail lacquers, OPI reigns supreme. I have never known an OPI polish to chip or flake and the colour remains vibrant from application to removal. OPI brushes make application very easy, they are quite wide which enables you to apply the colour in one complete stroke, two at the most! The colour is also so pigmented that you can get away with just one coat of lacquer. What makes OPI an amazing brand, aside from its unbeatable formula, is the sheer number of shades it offers. OPI has over 200 shades, not including the seasonal and limited edition collections that launch every year!

China Glaze Nail Lacquer
Promise: “Our unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish. These glossy lacquers work in perfect cohesion with our professional nail treatments for lasting strength, durability and overall gorgeous nails”
Price: £6.95/$7.50 14ml
Purchase: beautybay.comULTA

China Glaze is the best budget nail polish brand around. The lacquer has unbelievable staying power, it rarely chips and it strengthens the nails with every application. The lacquer itself lasts a very long time and doesn't go gloopy after a couple of months. China Glaze brushes are narrow and the consistency of the lacquer is thin, making application incredibly easy. China Glaze polishes are highly pigmented and they are available in a huge variety of shades. Similar to OPI, China Glaze launches seasonal and limited edition collections all year round. The brand is also innovative in its development of textured nail polishes.

Seche Nail Lacquer
Promise: “The brand philosophy is to provide the finest and most innovative nail care products to those who appreciate quality and innovation at a reasonable cost”
Price: £9.99/$7.50 14ml
Purchase: beautybay.comULTA

Seche is the brand behind the cult top coat, Seche Vite. After years of demand, the brand finally launched a colour collection last year and it was well worth the wait. Seche lacquers are highly pigmented and, like Seche Vite, are incredibly well formulated. All of the colours have such depth that only one coat is needed. The brushes are narrow, making application easy and precise and the lacquer itself is chip-proof and long-lasting. What makes a Seche Nail Lacquergreat is its beautifully shiny finish that lasts for weeks.

Revlon Nail Enamel
Promise: “Revlon® Nail Enamel delivers gorgeously smooth, chip-resistant colour that stays true with ShadeLock Technology™”
Price: £6.49 / $4.99 14ml
Purchase: Boots ,

Revlon is one of the best budget beauty brands around. The brand's affordable cosmetics are flawless and the same goes for its nail lacquer. Nail colours are highly pigmented with a beautiful glossy finish and they all have real staying power. Some colours can chip a little from time to time, however this is avoided when the lacquer is finished with a great top coat. Application is very easy - the brush is quite small and narrow, which is perfect if you like to experiment with nail art. Although there is not a huge range of classic shades, Revlon are continuously bringing out new shades and limited edition colours. When it comes to budget nail lacquer brands, Revlon really is one of the best around.


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Interview: Georgia Louise

Not only is Georgia Louise one of Manhattan's most loved facialists, she is also founder of the most talked about new skincare brand, Georgia Louise.

With A-list clients that include Emma Stone and Linda Evangelista, Georgia offers a comprehensive and unique approach to natural skincare and non-invasive treatments. Her products are up to 88% organic and made with the highest concentration of botanicals and plant based anti-ageing remedies. If that isn't enough, all products are enhanced with essential oils to help calm the mind and lift the spirits.

So when Georgia visited London last week, I took the opportunity to grill her about all things beauty...

What inspired you to work in the beauty industry? And how did your career journey begin?

My mother! She has the most beautiful skin and has always looked after it. She was obsessed with clean and clear skin and, as a little girl, I would watch her cleansing her skin and massaging her face. I just remember wanting to look like her and she told me to always look after my skin. My mother’s best friend Bindy owned a beauty spa and she taught me to cleanse, tone and moisturise at the age of 11, so taking care of my skin is part of my DNA. 

My career started after 2 years of beauty school. I worked at Champneys health farm in Hertfordshire and moved on to open my very first beauty salon when I turned 20. I took a formulations course 5 years ago and worked with a wonderful natural and organic chemist to perfect my range.

What is your career highlight?

In 2010 I was asked to be the Beauty Ambassador for L’Oreal in the UK, which was a huge accomplishment. Also, moving to New York was a real turning point in my career as I was introduced to the capital of fashion and met the lovely Linda Evangelista, my first real A-list client. 

Matches voted me as 1 of the top 5 facialists of the world which was an amazing achievement. However, launching my products exclusively at SpaceNK had to be my ultimate career highlight.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to succeed in the beauty industry?

You have to have passion and drive and you have to work smart. It took me 10 years to really get established - fame doesn't happen over night, so be patient. I would stick to what you know best and make sure you have a team of experts around you that can build your brand vision.

Your products also have to stand out and really work and your brand has to have a great story behind it or USP to get noticed. Growing a great relationship with the press really helps and don’t cut any corners, quality is everything!
Who is the ultimate beauty icon?

Nicky Kinard, founder of SpaceNK, totally reshaped the beauty industry. She introduced the world's up-and-coming beauty brands and hired in-store beauty experts to educate customers and give them a tailored shopping experience.

What are your makeup bag essentials?

By Terry Touche Veloutee and Giorgio Armani Foundation

What is the biggest beauty crime a person can commit?

Going to bed without taking off your makeup is as dirty as not showering for a week or letting your baby sleep in a dirty nappy! All of the grime, bacteria and makeup builds up on our skin and breaks it down, causing irritation. Irritation equates to a whole multitude of sins, including dehydrating and breakouts.

What is your top beauty tip?

Massage your face every day! Beauty is in the power of your hands. Every time you cleanse or apply foundation or moisturiser, don’t just slap it on - do something with your skin and muscles. I get all of my clients to do a 30 second lymph drainage technique before bed, so there is no excuse that they don’t have the time!

Using my Lift and Sculpt Butterfly Stone and my massage technique, everyone can achieve a de-puff and contoured face!


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Behind The Brand: Benefit Cosmetics

Date of Birth: 1976

Founders: Jean and Jane Ford

History: Benefit Cosmetics began as a small beauty boutique in San Francisco called 'The Face Place'. It was founded by identical twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford, who decided to launch the boutique off the back of a coin toss. If the coin had landed differently, Benefit may have been a casserole cafe!

The boutique was focused around solving women's beauty dilemmas by offering a variety of "fake-it" products. The first product was actually 'Rose Tint', a blush and lip stain that we know today as Benetint.

In 1989, after years of continual success, Jean and Jane created a brand catalogue, began department store distribution and renamed the company 'Benefit Cosmetics'. Benefit Cosmetics launched at Henri Bendel in 1991 and was so successful that the brand soon went national. In 1997 Benefit went international, opening in one of London's biggest department stores.

LVMH acquired Benefit Cosmetics in 1999.

Jean and Jane Ford
USP: Benefit is a fun beauty brand that doesn't take itself too seriously. As the Ford twins famously said, "Who says make-up has to be serious to be good?", and they're right. As much as Benefit's packaging is kooky, colourful and a little bit cheeky, the actual products really do hold their own.

Motto: “Laughter is the best cosmetic … so grin and wear it”

Giving Back: Benefit Cosmetics continue to provide support to various charities across the globe. The brand has helped raise awareness and (a lot of) money to the likes of Women’s Aid, Refuge and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Offerings: Benefit produce everything from lipsticks and facial washes to eye contour kits and gorgeous gifts.

Hero Products: Hoola Bronzing Powder, They're Real! Mascara, "That Gal" Brightening Face Primer, High Beam and Benetint.

Availability: Benefit has over 2000 counters and boutiques worldwide. If you reside in the US of A, you can find Benefit at Sephora, Macy's and  If you're based in Britain, you can get your Benefit fix at Debenhams, Boots and


Price Points

Foundations: Up to £26.50/$36.00

Single Eye Shadows: Up to £15.50/$20.00

Blushers: Up to £23.50/$28.00

Lipsticks: Up to £15.00/$19.00

Skincare: Up to £27.50/$40.00


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us”


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Tuesday Tip: Beautify Those Brown Eyes!

Brown eyed girls, this tip is just  for you.

If you want to enhance those beautiful brown eyes, start experimenting with blue eyeshadow colours as they are in the opposite colour family to brown. It sounds odd, however wearing a contrasting colour will really help to make your eyes smoulder. Trust me!

To give yourself a variety of different looks, invest in a good eye shadow palette. I recommend the Estée Lauder Arctic Zinc (£27.00 Boots / $36.00


Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Dermalogica AGE Smart MultiVitamin Power Serum

The Promise: "An age-fighting serum containing micro encapsulated vitamins A, C and E to help increase skin recovery, decrease fine lines and age spots while defending against skin ageing".

The Price: £59.00 / $65.00

The Stockist:

The Hero Ingredients: Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14, Sunflower Seed Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil and Orange Peel Oil.

The Application: The MultiVitamin Power Serum has an incredibly lightweight, creamy texture that applies well and absorbs instantly. The serum comes in a slim tube and only a pea size amount is required to cover the entire face and neck. The serum also has a subtle citrus scent and a silicone feel.

The Results: This serum smooths skin instantly, creating such an amazing texture that it could be used as a primer. Once applied, it feels so light on the skin that you will barely notice you have anything on your face.

After two weeks of using this product daily my skin has really improved. Not only is my skin plumped and firmer, it looks brighter and pigmentation has been reduced. It also did an amazing job of keeping my skin hydrated.

The Pro: The MultiVitamin Power Serum dramatically changes skin texture and complexion.

The Con:
As much as I love this serum, it is very expensive for such a small amount of product.

Have you tried the Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Serum? If so, let me know what you think!

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ask TBI: Help My Chapped Hands

Question: I have the worst chapped hands. Whether it is winter or summer, my knuckles are often red raw and the rest of my hands scaly, bone dry and cracked. What can I do? Help! - Joely, London.

Answer: Chapped hands are usually caused by cold temperatures, dry air and constant washing - all of which remove moisture from the skin. This, as you know, leads to sore, dry and cracked hands. Luckily there are a few things you can do on a daily basis to teat and prevent the problem.

First things first, avoid any strong chemical detergents coming into contact with your hands. The best way to do this is to wear rubber gloves when doing various household chores, such as washing up and cleaning.

Secondly, when it comes to washing your hands, avoid using hot water and harsh soaps or hand washes. They will strip the skin of its natural oils, making your chapped hands even worse. I advise washing hands in warm water, using a dermatologically approved, mild hand wash that nourishes hands as well as cleans them. I would recommend the Dettol with E45 Softness Hand Wash 250ml (£2.45 Tesco). It kills germs whilst pampering, protecting and softening hands.
It is also important to put moisture back into the skin after washing and drying your hands. Use a hand cream that contains nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil and aloe vera. I love the Antipodes Joyful Hand Body Cream 120ml (£29.00 Selfridges / $34.00 as it contains pure avocado pear oil as a base ingredient. It also absorbs quickly and contains 100% natural ingredients, preventing it from irritating your skin.
My final piece of advice is to apply a topical treatment to the affected area throughout the day. The C.O. Bigelow Chapped-Hands Remedy NO.1012 48g (£18.00 Liberty / $7.00 is perfect for healing rough, dry skin. It also contains high levels of glycerin, which draws moisture into the skin making it feel soft and supple.

If none of these tricks work, visit a dermatologist!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Interview: Dr Noëlle Sherber, M.D., F.A.A.D.

Contrary to popular belief, beauty and brains can go together and there is no greater example of this than Dr Noëlle Sherber.

Dr. Sherber is certified by the American Board of Dermatology, the highest mark of clinical excellence bestowed upon a dermatologist. She is considered a world authority in the skin manifestations and treatment of scleroderma and, if that wasn't enough, she is an expert consultant to leading magazines such as InStyle, Women’s Health and Marie Claire.

So I am sure you can appreciate how lucky I felt when I was given the opportunity to talk dermatology, beauty crimes and skin saviours with Dr. Sherber...

What inspired you to become a dermatologist? And how did your career journey begin?

My father and grandfather are physicians and I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps early: I asked for a doctor's bag for my 2nd birthday! Growing up, I always loved art and, from grade school through to high school, I would spend weekends taking drawing and painting lessons from renowned artist Rob Evans. Rob Evans has the most exquisite way of using light and shadow and colour temperature in his work. This sensitivity to the nuances of light reflection, as well as the first-impression impact that warmer or cooler colours can have, has stayed with me to this day. In medical school I found that it sparked not only my interest in aesthetic medicine (where small changes in symmetry, colour tone, and light reflection can make a big impact), but it also helped me to develop a keen eye for detecting subtle clues to diagnose skin conditions for my patients.

What is your career highlight?

A highlight of my career thus far is that I've been able to collaborate with wonderful physicians from different specialities to advance our fields. I am currently co-editing a book on the state of the art of facial rejuvenation with a fantastic ENT colleague, Dr. Lisa Grunebaum of the University of Miami. I also authored the dermatology chapter in Rheumatologist Dr. Fred Wigley's definitive textbook on scleroderma.

The collaboration of which I'm most proud is that my husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Ariel Rad, and I are realising our dream of opening a practice together in Washington, DC. We are building out a beautiful street-level space in the heart of downtown Washington at this very moment. I am drawing on my clinical research background to select the best-in-class skin care products from around the world for our retail boutique. The practice space itself, designed by architect David Jameson, is going to be very innovative - I can't tell all of our secrets yet, however as a start, discretion is paramount for us and there will be no waiting room!

Who is the ultimate beauty icon?

I love the saying "an original is worth more than a copy" as, while the intent may have been in reference to art, I think that it's particularly applicable to beauty. I always discourage my patients from thinking along the lines of wanting a certain beauty icon's nose/lips/cheekbones and rather encourage that we look at their faces with the eye towards highlighting the feature that makes them exceptional. Whether it's beautiful eyes or high cheekbones or charming freckles, there is something about every face that is exceptional. Sometimes I will enhance a person's face by evening out the skin tone, smoothing the texture or improving symmetry through laser or injectable treatments. However my focus with my patients is always that they are natural beauties!

What are your bathroom cabinet essentials?

I get sent a lot of new skin care products to try and review and, while this is very fun for me, this isn't always fun for my sensitive skin. The one product which I can always turn to, to soothe, moisturise and reset my skin without provoking a reaction, is Creme de la Mer. My mom started using this when Max Huber began selling it at Henri Bendel in Manhattan 40 years ago and it has become a classic for good reason. The algae-based complex used in Creme de la Mer acts as a natural preservative, therefore, since synthetic preservatives are a major cause of irritation, this rich cream is a winner for not provoking irritation in sensitive skin.
What is the biggest beauty crime a person can commit?

In my experience, the biggest beauty crime is not to focus on the fundamental health of your skin. I see many patients for scar treatment and a lot of them wish that they could have avoided these scars (whether from skin cancer or from acne) in the first place.

It is critical to monitor your skin for new or changing spots. Melanoma is now the most common cancer in people aged 25-29 and early detection remains the best hope in fighting this potentially lethal disease. Other forms of skin cancer, like basal cell and squamous cell cancers, can be treated with creams if caught early. However they must be surgically removed if more advanced.

Our best weapon against all forms of skin cancer is early detection, so it is crucial to keep a close watch on your skin. It is also important to see a dermatologist to evaluate any 'ugly duckling' spots that do not look like your others. Similarly, if you have acne, it is so beneficial to see a dermatologist early and be proactive about preventing scarring. There is no perfect fix for acne scarring, so the best approach is to see a dermatologist early and prevent it through effective acne treatment. Healthy skin really is the most beautiful skin.

What is your top skincare tip?

As skin ages, its ability to hold on to water decreases because we produce less glycosaminoglycans, such as hyaluronic acid, that hold water in the skin. While moisturising is important, using thicker and thicker creams as you get older may not help replenish the skin's water content, so I often talk with my patients about the difference between dry skin (in need of oil) and dehydrated skin (in need of water).

My top tip is to hydrate your skin more and more as you get older with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. This will help to keep skin smooth and firm. The best intensively hydrating mask I've found is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. This sheet mask is drenched in hydrating ingredients and traps them next to the face to ensure maximal absorption. These masks are particularly amazing when used after long haul flights or when you haven't been getting enough sleep - they are a celebrity favourite for good reason!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: Gloria Steinem

“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off”

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