Monday 16 September 2013

Faithful Four: Nail Lacquers

OPI Nail Lacquer
Promise: “OPI nail polish provides a comprehensive palette of gorgeous colours to suit your every mood, outfit and season. With fun, descriptive names and a chip-resistant formula”
Price: £11.50/$9.00 15ml
Purchase: John

When it comes to nail lacquers, OPI reigns supreme. I have never known an OPI polish to chip or flake and the colour remains vibrant from application to removal. OPI brushes make application very easy, they are quite wide which enables you to apply the colour in one complete stroke, two at the most! The colour is also so pigmented that you can get away with just one coat of lacquer. What makes OPI an amazing brand, aside from its unbeatable formula, is the sheer number of shades it offers. OPI has over 200 shades, not including the seasonal and limited edition collections that launch every year!

China Glaze Nail Lacquer
Promise: “Our unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish. These glossy lacquers work in perfect cohesion with our professional nail treatments for lasting strength, durability and overall gorgeous nails”
Price: £6.95/$7.50 14ml
Purchase: beautybay.comULTA

China Glaze is the best budget nail polish brand around. The lacquer has unbelievable staying power, it rarely chips and it strengthens the nails with every application. The lacquer itself lasts a very long time and doesn't go gloopy after a couple of months. China Glaze brushes are narrow and the consistency of the lacquer is thin, making application incredibly easy. China Glaze polishes are highly pigmented and they are available in a huge variety of shades. Similar to OPI, China Glaze launches seasonal and limited edition collections all year round. The brand is also innovative in its development of textured nail polishes.

Seche Nail Lacquer
Promise: “The brand philosophy is to provide the finest and most innovative nail care products to those who appreciate quality and innovation at a reasonable cost”
Price: £9.99/$7.50 14ml
Purchase: beautybay.comULTA

Seche is the brand behind the cult top coat, Seche Vite. After years of demand, the brand finally launched a colour collection last year and it was well worth the wait. Seche lacquers are highly pigmented and, like Seche Vite, are incredibly well formulated. All of the colours have such depth that only one coat is needed. The brushes are narrow, making application easy and precise and the lacquer itself is chip-proof and long-lasting. What makes a Seche Nail Lacquergreat is its beautifully shiny finish that lasts for weeks.

Revlon Nail Enamel
Promise: “Revlon® Nail Enamel delivers gorgeously smooth, chip-resistant colour that stays true with ShadeLock Technology™”
Price: £6.49 / $4.99 14ml
Purchase: Boots ,

Revlon is one of the best budget beauty brands around. The brand's affordable cosmetics are flawless and the same goes for its nail lacquer. Nail colours are highly pigmented with a beautiful glossy finish and they all have real staying power. Some colours can chip a little from time to time, however this is avoided when the lacquer is finished with a great top coat. Application is very easy - the brush is quite small and narrow, which is perfect if you like to experiment with nail art. Although there is not a huge range of classic shades, Revlon are continuously bringing out new shades and limited edition colours. When it comes to budget nail lacquer brands, Revlon really is one of the best around.

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