Sunday 2 June 2019

Review: 001 London CRYOpress


The 001 London CRYOpress is a handheld facial roller device that sustains a temperature of -8 to 2.5°C, to provide an ice-cold lymphatic facial. It is one of the newest at-home facial tools on the market and, unless I'm mistaken, is one of the very few ice-cold devices on the market too.

The CRYOpress biologically triggers the skin for an intense facial workout, increasing blood circulation and continuously pumping oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It tightens, firms and lifts, minimises pore size, reduces pigmentation, and evens skin tone. It improves skin's overall condition at its core and helps skin stay healthy and fresh. It is the perfect tool for all skin types, however it's even more beneficial to those with sensitive skin, as it soothes and reduces inflammation and redness.

When I first got the CRYOpress out of the freezer I was slightly concerned about how cold it was. I wasn't quite sure if my skin could take it, however it was no problem at all. In fact, it was the perfect level of cold - refreshing my skin and transforming the experience into a pampering one.

Using this device easy - you simply apply a skincare product of your choice to your face and d├ęcolletage (preferably an oil or water-based serum) and then roll the device over various parts of your chest, collar bone, and face to activate your lymphatic system. There are helpful instructions on the box. However, once you use it a few times, muscle memory picks up and you start nailing the routine without taking a peek at the packaging. When I finish using the device, I wipe it down with an antibacterial cleaner and pop it back in the freezer ready for the next use. As for my skin, it is always left feeling refreshed and well pampered. Since using this product four times a week, for the past few months, I have been spot free with more radiant, healthy skin.

At £75, the CRYOpress ( is a bit of an investment, however it is easy and enjoyable to use, delivers results, and lasts a lifetime.

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