Saturday 25 May 2019

Review: Murad Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum

When it comes to skincare products, if I see the world 'recovery' imma be interested. Skin health is always a top priority and, now spring is in full effect, if I want to go makeup free, I need a little complexion confidence.

Sadly, there are too many things that effect skin health; sun exposure, hormones, pollution, weather, aesthetic treatments, and (always surprisingly) stress. So I believe that having a few skin healers in your beauty cabinet couldn't be more important. One of the newest(ish) on the market is the Murad Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum...

The Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum (£70 is designed for the slightly older gals - and by slightly older, I'm just talking late twenties and up. Impressively, it is designed for use on both the face and eyes, making that £70 price tag a little more easy to swallow (especially considering you get 40ml worth of product!).

Packed with some very powerful ingredients, the Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum has been shown to have a positive effect on skin issues caused by stress and high levels of cortisol. Its formula features a potent blend of neuropeptide, paracress, and cannabis sativa seed oil to replenish moisture and correct skin texture, making skin as smooth as a baby's behind. Niacinamide is included to refine texture, while wild indigo and caffeine is used to energise the skin and visibly reduce under-eye dark circles and puffiness.

The serum's formula is separated into two parts within the bottle - a water-based gel and oil-based spheres - that only merge together when the pump dispenser is pressed for application. Separating the oil-based spheres and the water-based gel until application enables a more potent, concentrated formula that delivers a higher level of actives with each use. Genius.

The Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum has a lightweight consistency that feels gorgeous on the skin. It absorbs in good time, leaves nothing behind, and sits well under makeup - whether liquid or powder. After a month of use, I have seen an improvement in my skin (full disclosure - I have been using this alongside the amazing Ole Henriksen Glow Cycle™ Retin-ALT Power Serum that I apply at night). The texture of my skin has improved, becoming much softer and even, and it feels more hydrated than usual - a miracle for me. The ability to apply this serum to my eye area has also helped speed up my morning skincare routine. 9/10.

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