Thursday, 16 March 2017

Shaving Face

Women shave their legs, under arms, top lip and even their pussies, so why don't we shave our faces? And, for those of us who do, why are we so fucking secretive?! There are so many benefits to picking up the razor, so let's stop saving face about shaving face....

Japanese women have been shaving their faces for years and even Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were known to ride with the razor. Shaving your face will exfoliate your skin, ease makeup application and enable your products to deeper penetrate your skin. Aside from that, the peachy fuzz that covers your face clogs pores, causes breakouts and makes our complexion lackluster, so why the fuck wouldn't you want it gone?!

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For those facial shaving virgins reading, don't shy away from shaving because of the bullshit beauty myth that hair grows back darker & thicker - this is complete garbáge. Shaving can cause ingrowing hairs and a shaving rash if you're not careful. However the only big downside to shaving is that you can't avoid stubble - it will happen to even the best bitch. However peachy fuzz regrowth is barely noticeable and all you need to do it shave it the second you see it!

Luckily shaving your face is just like shaving your legs. You just need to wet your face, apply a good shaving gel and make sure you shave in the direction of hair growth. You should also finish with a good hydrating moisturiser. Razor-wise, you're best using a male razor (they're generally better) or one with a minimum of four blades, as these will provide a close, problem free shave. I personally get the best shave with the Friction Free Shaving razor. When shaving close to your brows or hairline, opt for a single-edge, single-blade razor that has a slope to the head, like the Tinkle Razor Eyebrow Shaper. This will give you more precision and prevent you accidentally shaving away your brows or baby hairs!

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