Tuesday 20 October 2020

Review | Love Luna Period Pants

If I had to tell you my favourite product launch of the last five years, I would probably say it's Love Luna's Period Pants. I was desperate to review these briefs and thank the good Lord I did. They have literally improved my life...

Love Luna pants aren't just any pants, they are pants that can be worn during your period for complete period protection. Yes, you heard me right. When you wear these pants, there is no need for tampons or sanitary towels. This is because Love Luna briefs are fitted with leak proof barriers and an absorbent layer to hold aunt flow. According to the brand, the briefs can be worn alone or as a back up (alongside pads or tampons) to avoid leaks. Just like tampon and sanitary towel brands, Love Luna caters for each type of flow - there is 'Light' which absorbs 10-15ml (2-3 regular tampons) and 'Medium' which absorbs 15-20ml (3-4 regular tampons). And Love Luna isn't just for periods - the brand has also created briefs that are perfect for women that suffer from leaks of the wee kind. Known as the LBL (light bladder leakage) Briefs, these helpful undies are available in a 'heavy' flow option, which absorbs 40ml (8 teaspoons). 

I tested two Love Luna briefs - the Period Mini Brief Light Flow and the Period Full Brief Medium Flow - and I love them both. I find them super comfortable to wear - the material is lovely and soft and the shape is perfectly designed to hold me in, important during period bloat! As for their main purpose, both briefs do a perfect job at absorbing blood with no leaks. Now I wasn't really sold on the whole period pants thing to begin with. I just refused to believe a pair of pants could absorb a heavy flow without leaking, however these pants protect me perfectly. I wake up each morning during a period to find both my body and my bedding free of any nasty stains - it's a freaking miracle. Unlike most women, I use period pads over tampons, so sadly I'm all too familiar with bedtime leakages! I also find that after 2 or 3 days of continually wearing sanitary towels, my lady bits can get dry and irritated. I have not experienced anything like this since I stopped with the pads and started wearing Love Luna briefs! 

I honestly can't recommend this brand enough. My periods are now cleaner and much easier to manage. And the best bit? The briefs range from just £10 to £13 a pair (Sainsburys)!! I love this brand so much that I'm about to purchase even more pants, as I never want to be without them during my time of the month.

In addition to the no leak briefs, Love Luna also offer reusable pads and menstrual cups. To find out more, visit loveluna.com.

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