Thursday 22 October 2020

Review | Nailpad

Nailpad is a simple and affordable product that I couldn't wait to review. Spoiler alert, I f**king love it...

Nailpad is a portable nail polish station with an integrated polish pot holder. It provides a flat and stable surface to help ensure an easy and smooth nail polish application.

If you're anything like me, you're probably used to balancing polish bottles between your knees. This can often lead to spillages and a fiddly application. So having a tool that keeps the bottle locked in place is a dream! The Nailpad comes complete with a fold-out fin that can be placed between the knees to keep your hand and polish steady. It also folds neatly in half, doubling up as storage for mani and pedi tools. The integrated polish holder - my favourite bit - keeps your nail polish bottle upright and prevents unwanted spills and staining.

My experience with Nailpad couldn't be better. I find it super easy to use and it has really transformed how I paint my nails. I can finally apply polish quickly and easily in situations where I can't be at a table - which is often (you'll normally find me doing my nails in front of the TV). Since it entered my life, I've had no polish spillages and no wobbly applications. Nailpad is a serious game changer. 

Nailpad is available in a choice of two colours - glossy black and hot pink - and it costs £12.95. It is available online from

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