Friday 27 October 2023

News | Skincare Brand PERS Enters The French Beauty Market

PERS is a new French skincare brand inspired by the practices of cosmetic doctor Antoni Calmon. It has recently entered the pharmacy channel in France, aiming to bridge the divide between dermocosmetics and prestige skincare.

Unlike many other skincare lines that struggle to strike a balance between effective ingredients and luxurious textures, PERS has managed to merge the best of both worlds, according to its co-founders Quentin Douce and Sophie-Lisa PrĂȘcheur, both of whom have long-standing backgrounds in prestige cosmetics.

The idea for PERS came after PrĂȘcheur consulted with Dr. Calmon, who, despite not having a formal background in cosmetics, has long advised his patients on the correct use of skincare products. He devised a clear four-step protocol - protect, beautify, repair, and stimulate - to help his patients achieve great skin. And this protocol is key to the PERS skincare line. The protocol is so integral to the brand that all PERS products are colour coded, indicating what step each product is designed for.

According to PERS, it offers "skincare products formulated with the right amount of best grade active ingredients and medically proven performance, appealing formulas and products, to reveal long-lasting beautiful, youthful and healthy skin."

The brand currently offers six products, including a Vitamin C 10% Serum, SPF 50+ Protection Gel, Glow Balm, Rich Cream, Eye Cream, and Retinol Serum. These products not only feature the same concentration of active ingredients found in dermocosmetics but also boast the pleasing textures usually reserved for luxury skincare products. PERS’s product line offers a subtle, inviting scent profile that includes notes of rosemary, pink pepper, white flowers, musk, and sandalwood, created by renowned perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur.

PERS is now available in pharmacy's across France with prices staring at €29. Products can also be purchased directly at from anywhere in the world, thanks to international shipping.

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