Saturday 16 September 2023

Baby | MORI Clever Sleeping Bag Review

Practising safe sleeping is key when it comes to looking after a baby and that involves ensuring that a baby isn't too hot or too cold and is not surrounded by lots of items (think blankets, pillows, and cuddly toys) that could cause suffocation. To guarantee sleep safety, I always use a baby sleeping bag. A sleeping bag acts like a wearable blanket that fixes securely around a baby to prevent it riding up and accidentally covering the baby's head. Not only does a baby sleeping bag eliminate the risk of suffocation, it also guarantees that a baby stays warm and avoids the fuss, time, and effort involved in tucking a baby into a crib or cot with blankets. Sleeping bags also all come with a handy TOG rating, helping guide you on how to best dress your baby for a safe night's sleep.

Safety aside, baby sleeping bags also help establish a good evening routine as they help provide a familiar sleeping environment for your little one. When used each night, your baby will associate winding down and sleeping with being popped into their sleeping bag.

Now, as great as sleeping bags are, they are not all created equal. I found over the years that some sleeping bags have brilliant features, alongside some annoying drawbacks. It's not always easy to find a great all-rounder, however I recently discovered the MORI Clever Sleeping Bag and it's by far, the best baby sleeping bag I've ever used.

Designed to keep little ones comfortable all year round, the MORI Clever Sleeping Bag (£64.50 is crafted from a blend of 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo fabric, a combination that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating. The latter of which helps maintain an optimal sleeping temperature for your baby, ensuring they're not feeling too hot or too cold during the night.

The Clever Sleeping Bag's award-winning design enables it to be used from 4kgs (8-9lbs) up to 2 years old. The fitted neck and armholes are engineered to eliminate any chance of slipping, providing a snug yet roomy environment for your baby, and it also features nickel-free poppers around the armholes to enable you to adjust the opening to best suit your baby's size. This ability to fit a wide age range makes it a great investment, considering most sleeping bags range from ages 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months and you usually need at least two at any one time.
It features a double-direction zipper for easier nappy changes - helping baby stay warm and sleepy during the night. There is also a handy belt opening, enabling you to move your sleeping baby from the cot to the pram, or vice versa, undisturbed. Sleeping aside, this feature also enables you to keep baby warm in the pram on chilly days, which is great when it's not quite cold enough for a footmuff (which often come with a TOG rating). Don't be tempted to use this sleeping bag with a car seat though, as babies should not wear padded or bulky clothing whilst in a car seat while driving for safety purposes.

As with all MORI products, the Clever Sleeping Bag is made in trusted factories without the use of harmful chemicals or substances, and all fabrics and trims are certified, making them both safe for little one's and kinder to the planet.

MORI's Clever Sleeping Bag is available in five different designs and each can be personalised with your baby's name for £4.95. There are also three different TOG ratings available - 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5, ensuring every baby can benefit for this bag, regardless of the season or climate they are sleeping in.

For those unsure of what TOG is required for what temperature and what your baby should wear underneath, MORI has this handy guide...

My daughter has been using the MORI Clever Sleeping Bag for a couple of months and we absolutely love it. Our daughter has the 1.5 TOG, which is perfect for the temperature of our bedroom, which sits around 19°C. It is super soft and comfortable, even after washing. Material aside, it also fits comfortably around our daughter, keeping her secure in the bag but not restricted in any way. The double-direction zipper feature has been super helpful for keeping her as sleepy as possible during any nighttime nappy changes, and we've used the belt opening a few times since the weather has gotten a little colder. This is such a fab feature that I'm almost tempted to buy the 2.5 TOG to use exclusively in the pram during the autumn and winter months.

So, for those looking for a baby sleeping bag that combines comfort, safety, and convenience, I can't recommend the MORI Clever Sleeping Bag enough. It's a perfect all-rounder, whether you're staying in or on the move and, most importantly, our daughter seems to love it!

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