Thursday 11 May 2023

BabyBjörn Celebrates 50 Years of Closeness

This year BabyBjörn celebrates its 50th birthday, marking 50 years of closeness with its world famous baby carriers.

Babywearing has been at the core of Swedish family-owned company since its inception. BabyBjörn founders, Lillemor and Björn Jakobson, recognised the importance of closeness for little babies, understanding that the soothing and comforting feeling of being close to a parent creates secure connections and strong attachments. This instinctive knowledge, coupled with advice from medical experts, led the duo to create BabyBjörn's first baby carrier, Close to Heart, in 1973.

Over the past 50 years, BabyBjörn has been developing different types of baby carriers for all families, with safety and simplicity at the forefront. The design philosophy demands that a product will simplify everyday life and be durable, especially because baby carriers are often handed down and used by many babies. The brand's product development incorporates a team of medical experts, independent test institutes, and babies. It is a long process that involves hundreds of families providing their input and opinions.

As Stina Westerstad, CEO of BabyBjörn, explains, “We treasure the confidence parents all around the world show us by using our baby carriers. It makes us even more motivated to find new innovative solutions that can simplify family life. Closeness between babies and parents is essential, and we are convinced that baby carriers can help strengthening that bond, it is an honour to be part of this journey.”

In addition to helping bring comfort to babies, BabyBjörn's carriers have enabled fathers to keep their baby's close, helping to strengthen their bond. Björn and Lillemor have always been strong advocates for the importance of a father's presence in a baby's life. They've long celebrated parental equality in general, publishing adverts that featured dads changing diapers as early as the 1960s.

BabyBjörn's collection of baby carriers has grown over the years and, to date, these coveted carriers have brought closeness to over 50 million babies and their parents. The brand now provides a number of carrying options, including inward facing, forward facing, and back carrying, that are suitable for different ages and lifestyle situations.

The current BabyBjörn Baby Carriers collection is made up of the Mini, One, One Air, Move, and Harmony. Carriers are available from, John Lewis, and, with prices ranging from £89 to £209.

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