Thursday 5 August 2021

An In-Flight Skincare Manual For Mask Wearers

A good in-flight skincare routine is key for keeping skin fresh, hydrated, and healthy during and after a long-haul flight. However, as face coverings are now mandatory on-board all aircrafts, even the best in-flight skincare routine has been compromised. This is because wearing a face mask for long periods of time can lead to inflammation, redness, irritation, and breakouts...

The simple act of breathing when wearing a face mask causes moisture to become trapped, creating an ideal breeding ground for pathogens – helping them to grow out of control. So if you apply rich heavy emulsions, creams, or face masks to your skin during a flight, your skin will suffer the consequences.

The best thing you can do to keep skin healthy and hydrated during a flight is to simplify your in-flight skincare routine and focus on treating skin post-flight.

When choosing products for a flight, take care to avoid ingredients that are potentially comedogenic and irritating. This includes oils, silicone, fragrance, Lanolin, and petrochemicals (which may be listed as paraffin wax, mineral oil, or petrolatum in an ingredients list).

A simplified in-flight skincare routine should incorporate a no-rinse cleanser or facial wipes. I recommend the Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Micellar Water Wipes (£7.20 These ultra-soft wipes provide a fast and easy way of ensuring skin is clean and free of makeup and impurities. Impressively, each wipe is infused with micellar solution, which cleanses the skin with fatty acid esters that are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes.

Although the number of products applied post-cleanse should be kept to a minimum, a hydrating serum is essential. Skin will suffer from dehydration whilst in the air, so it’s important to use a serum designed to hydrate the skin, as well as retain moisture. I love the ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Water Essence (£24 It is formulated with eight types of hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate the skin, as well as prickly pear seed oil, panthenol, and oat kernel extract to soothe and brighten skin, and reduce fine lines!

A moisturiser is also key to further lock-in hydration. Look for one that is water based and contains SPF, as this is essential on a plane, especially if you have a window seat. The Oskia SPF 30 Vitamin Face Cream (£60 is the perfect choice. It is a lightweight mineral sunscreen that features an impressive ingredient, Swiss Glacier Water. This natural water cools the skin to protect it against heat stress, whilst also providing deep, 24-hour hydration. Finally, a good eye cream, such as the iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream, will ensure the eye area remains hydrated and smooth (£14 (

One of the best skincare products you can use during a flight with a face covering is a facial mist. It will combat in-flight dryness and dehydration throughout a flight without clogging the skin. Murad's alcohol-free Hydrating Toner (£29.90 absorbs instantly to refresh the skin and balance its natural pH. If used regularly, it'll prevent moisture loss and naturally soothe skin.

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