Monday 26 July 2021

Review | Vita Coco Scalp Range

This may come as a surprise to some, but Vita Coco, the famous coconut water company, has launched a haircare brand. There are three collections in new Vita Coco the range, one to nourish, one to repair, and one to treat the scalp.

All Vita Coco products focus around cleansing, conditioning, and treating. As to be expected, all products are formulated with coconuts (sourced from small family farms and are packed with nutrients and antioxidants!). In fact, all three ranges have up to 31% coconut in their formulation, the highest concentration of coconuts in the haircare market. All products are made up of over 95% natural ingredients and are packaged in 75% post-consumer waste HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottles.

I have the Vita Coco Scalp range and absolutely love it. The range is made up of three products - the Vita Coco Anti-Dandruff Scalp Scrub, Vita Coco Anti-Dandruff Coconut Scalp Shampoo, and Vita Coco Anti-Dandruff Conditioner.

The Vita Coco Anti-Dandruff Scalp Scrub (£12.99) features natural particles of walnut and coconut shell powder, as well as pineapple, to gently exfoliate the scalp - removing dirt, dry skin, and impurities to leave the scalp healthy and revived. The scrub is abrasive enough to do a good job at exfoliating the scalp, but is gentle enough that is doesn't irritate or damage it (or the hair!). It also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect that helps to calm the scalp. 

The Vita Coco Anti-Dandruff Coconut Scalp Shampoo (£9.99) is designed to cleanse the scalp and hair, leaving it up to 100% flake-free. A surprisingly small amount of product is needed per wash and it creates an impressive lather. The shampoo works itself into the hair and scalp really well and rinses away easily.

The Vita Coco Anti-Dandruff Conditioner (£9.99) is designed to moisturise the hair and nourish the scalp, while its hero ingredient, organic coconut oil, keeps the scalp and hair moist. It has a creamy consistency, spreading across the strands effortlessly and rinsing away quickly without leaving anything behind.

For me, these three scalp products work together perfectly to gently cleanse and treat my scalp and hair. They also moisturise my locks, leaving them healthy, soft, and shiny. Thanks to the inclusion of a tropical coconut and guava scent, all three products also leave my hair smelling absolutely gorgeous.

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