Wednesday 10 February 2021

New Brand Alert | weDo

weDo is a new professional haircare brand brought to us by the scientists of the Wella Company haircare labs. It is an eco-ethical brand that offers up vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% recyclable products, designed with professional performance in mind.

Interestingly, although weDo is born from a beauty industry giant, the brand was created by a small group of passionate beauty insiders within the Wella Company who were given the unique chance to start a new brand from scratch. They wanted to create a truly environmentally friendly haircare brand that resonated with their peers... and they succeeded.

The weDo brand is currently made up of 17 high performance products, including four multi-purpose hybrid products for hair and body. Every product is responsibly made with ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

Speaking on the new launch, the Wella Company, Commercial Director, Sasha Dzhuras-Dotta, says,

“With the launch of weDo we are tapping into the growing consumer desire for products that perform, without negatively impacting the environment. weDo create products that are not only 100% recyclable but which are made with 75% to 94% post-consumer recycled plastic. Our exclusive partnership with Plastic Bank ensures for every weDo product sold, 8 plastic bottles will be collected from the environment. Through weDo our consumers can discover great care for their hair, without negatively impacting the planet.”

As for weDo's eco-friendly credentials, the brand has partnered with Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank is a charity that fights ocean plastic and alleviates extreme poverty by empowering disenfranchised communities to turn pollution into wealth. Collected plastic can be exchanged by residents for rewards such as cash, school tuition, healthcare, or insurance. That is why for every weDo product sold, eight plastic bottles will be collected from the environment. You can even follow how much has been collected on the weDo website!

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