Tuesday 26 January 2021

How To Become A Beauty PR Girl

How To Become A Beauty PR

Working as a beauty PR is a dream career for most girls, however getting into the industry is not easy. I am fortunate enough to work in the wonderful world of beauty PR, so I thought it was about time I shared a little advice...

Step One | Get Passionate

First things first; if you are not truly passionate about working in beauty PR, I would give up now. The road to achieving a great job in beauty PR is a long one, with many set backs and problems along the way. You have to be prepared to work hard, work for free and earn a very small salary at the beginning of your career. If you don't have passion to get you through these tough times, you'll end up quitting further down the line and resenting the time you wasted chasing the dream.

It is also important to understand what a beauty PR role entails, as it may not be what you think. Sadly, beauty PR isn't just free beauty products, fun events and air kisses; it can, at times, be challenging, very stressful and monotonous. So I would advise researching current entry level positions online and looking over the job specification. Job specifications will give you a great idea of what your day to day activities would involve. If, after reading through a few job specifications, you are still excited about working in beauty PR and feel the industry is perfect for you and your skill sets. continue on your journey, future PR girl...

Step Two | Get Educated

There is no rule stating you need a good degree to work in PR. However, if you don't have a good degree, you may have a harder time achieving a job in beauty PR. This is purely because the competition for desirable jobs is so high that companies need to whittle down candidates - cutting candidates without degrees is a quick way to do this. Now this isn't always the case, however it is worth considering.

As for what to study, there are Public Relations courses, however although they might be preferable, they are not essential. It would be useful to have a degree in relative subject matters. I did my degree in media communications, however marketing, journalism and English degrees, for example, would also help you.

Step Three | Get Experience

Experience is essential, so the more internships you can do, the better. Beauty PR internships can last anywhere from two weeks to three months depending on the company; personally I feel that an internship needs to last for at least one month to make it beneficial. If you're currently in university, I would recommend undertaking internships during your summer break, so you can get them under your belt before you've even graduated.

Now although internships pay nothing or very little, securing yourself one at a great company can be very difficult as you're competing with hundreds of other candidates. To stand out, reach out to the companies you would like to intern at directly. Send a speculative letter (post or email) to the PR Director or PR Manager and attach your CV. In the letter, explain who you are, what you've accomplished, why you want to intern at that company and what you could bring to the internship. Reach out to as many companies as possible, as quickly as possible. I landed an amazing three moth internship at a global brand based in New York when I got out of university. This internship was secured seven months prior to my start date it and it took 150 speculative letters to various companies before that opportunity materialised.

Step Four | Get Connected

The saying 'it's not what you know but who you know' used to drive me crazy. I hated the idea that you could work your ass off to get the job you wanted, only to have someone with less experience and focus get the role because they knew someone at the company. Sadly, as the years have gone by, I've realised that this saying could not be truer. So, I say to you now, connect with anyone who is anyone! The beauty industry is full of hundreds of people who are continuously switching companies and roles, so connecting with lots of industry insiders will help create many opportunities for you.

Step Five | Get Job Hunting

The final phase is to simply start searching for a job. For those serious about securing a great job, visit Fashion Monitor, Diary Directory and Gorkana daily as these sites advertise beauty PR vacancies at the best companies. You should, of course, search the Linkedin, Indeed, PR Week and other recruitment sites regularly, however it is also really important to visit company websites on a weekly basis to make sure you don't miss new vacancies.

One of the best things you can do to land a role in beauty PR is to send a speculative job application to companies you want to work for. Send it via post or email to the PR Director or PR Manager and attach your CV. In the application, introduce yourself, and explain why you would love to work for that company and what you can bring to their PR team (for tips on writing speculative letters, click here). They may not have any roles available, however if you impress them, they will keep your details on file and will keep you in mind future vacancies. They might also arrange to meet you for coffee, giving you a real opportunity to impress!

Step Six | Stay Positive

If there is one piece of advice I want to leave you with, it's to stay positive at all times. Becoming a beauty PR is not easy and it doesn't happen over night. Work hard, stay focused and don't give up. Good things come to those who wait...

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