Monday 16 November 2020

Introducing The First Vitamin Gummy Advent Calendar!

Now I love an advent calendar as much as the next gal. After all, who doesn't love a dose of chocolate each morning before you've even had breakfast?! But what if I told you there is an advent calendar that is full of tasty candy that actually benefits your body. Now, I'm not talking about actual candy of course, but something very similar... vitamin gummies! The advent calendar in question comes from Nourished, a tech start-up who has developed the world’s first truly personalised vitamin using patented 3D printing technology and a unique vegan encapsulation formula.

Developed to help you stay healthy this festive season, Nourished has chosen a selection of Life Stacks (aka supplements) to be taken each day in the lead up to Christmas, to help support your health during the holidays. Nourished stacks are high impact, personalised vitamins that are vegan, sugar-free, and have a 99.5% higher nutritional density than standard isolated tablets.

These unique advent calendars will include a four week combination of Life Stack blends to help you feel your best this Christmas, as well as a personalised gift voucher on Christmas Day to help you kickstart your New Year off right. 

The advent calendar includes a range of supplements that will help with everything from boosting brain power and lifting energy levels, to fixing hangovers and strengthening your immune system. An example of ingredients featured in these yummy Life Stacks include LactoSpore® Probiotic, Vitamin C, Zinc, Ginger Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, K2 Vital Delta™️, and Milk Thistle Extract.

Each advent calendar is freshly made-to-order and 3D printed on demand. Calendars will be delivered within seven days from the day of placing the order. The Nourished Advent calendar will be available from mid November and will cost £59.99 ( 

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