Friday 25 September 2020

Milk-Free Must Haves

Over the last couple of years, I've developed an intolerance to milk. I can consume milk, however if I have more than a little bit I start to experience bad neausea and gas. Not great. Avoiding milk has its challenges but luckily there are some great alternatives on the market. Oatley, for one, is my saving grace. Oatley is basically oatmilk that makes for the perfect milk alternative. Now, it doesn't "taste like milk", nothing does, and anyone that tells you something taste like something it isn't, don't believe them. But Oatley is similar to milk in its creaminess and consistency.

However, as great as Oatley is, until recently I couldn't find any other good milk-based product alternatives. Mainly in the sweet arena. I am a chocolate and pudding fiend, so finding sweet products that are free of milk has its challenges. Annoyingly, although most supermarkets have quite big free from sections, it seems as if the sweet options are only ever free of gluten and not milk. And, when they are free of milk, the options are seriously low.

Luckily, I recently discovered a brand that has changed the game for me... Rhythm108. 

Rhythm108 is an award-winning plant based Swiss brand that creates chocolate and treats using vegan, gluten-free, organic ingredients. The brand reinvents well-loved traditional treats into healthier and more nutritious alternatives, ranging from chocolate bars, biscuits, and snack bars.

All Rhythm108 products are handmade by pâtissiers in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. The brand also champion organic producers and use of compostable packaging.

Most importantly their treats taste sooooo good. I'm obsessed. There is a good variety of products on offer (and hopefully this will continue to grow), so even if you're a fussy eater, that has the added annoyance of being intolerant to diary (or vegan), there will be something you'll like.

Rhythm 108 is stocked in over 5,500 locations throughout the UK including Sainsbury's, Boots, and Wholefoods Market. You can also get products online at

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