Monday 28 September 2020

Waken | Mouthwash 2.0

Mouthwash has to be one of the most boring elements of a daily routine. They all seem to have the same artificial taste, the same plastic packaging, and, more often than not, they burn the mouth. Leading to the question, what is even in mouthwash?! Luckily there is a newish brand on the block that makes mouthwash enjoyable and it uses nothing but natural ingredients. The brand is Waken...

Waken is a British brand that offers truly sustainable mouthcare. Its popular mouthwashes are housed in beautiful eco-friendly aluminium bottles that you'll actually want to display in your bathroom. Because, let's be honest, drugstore mouthwash bottles aren't that cute. 

The brand's formulas feature natural mints and other interesting botanical extracts, and importantly they are kind to your teeth and gums. The gentle formulas are alcohol-free and never contain artificial colours or synthetic flavours. The natural flavours include:

  • PepperMint - a bold and cooling recipe that contains a blend of ‘Black Mitcham’ peppermint and other botanical extracts.
  • SpearMint - a lighter and slightly sweeter taste than peppermint. The natural spearmint in this formula has a blend of eucalyptus for a gentle, fragrant note.
  • LemonMint - a combination of ‘Black Mitcham’ peppermint and Sicilian lemons to give a citrusy edge while retaining a natural minty coolness.
  • AniseedMint - spicy notes of aniseed and clove enhance refreshing ‘Black Mitcham’ peppermint with a warmer, earthy flavour. 

Waken has also created a gorgeous sipping cup to make the swinging process clean and comfortable. It is made from stainless steel and measures the perfect amount of mouthwash every time. 

Each Waken mouthwash cost £8 (500ml) and is available from Boots, Sainsbury’s and

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