Friday 2 October 2020

Review | Essie Expressie

Earlier this year, OG nail brand Essie delivered one of its biggest launches to date and it is perfect for gals on the go. It is Essie Expressie, a one-step colour and shine nail polish that dries in about a minute. Let's review it...

Expressie is pretty impressive, however don't go expecting anything resembling the classic Essie polish you're used to. Expressive polishes have a different bottle, a different brush, and a different formula. The only similarity is the logo.

The bottle is just like the original Essie polish, just stretched out! But the patented brush is very different - angled to allow for an easy application with both hands. Essie refer to it as the 'built-for-speed' brush that promises to deliver a fool-proof application.

When it comes to application, Expressie really does apply quickly. The brush is not just angled, it is quite wide. At first, I expected a more tricky application because of this, however this wasn't the case at all. Although the brush is wide, achieving a precise application is very easy. On the first go, I was able to paint every nail twice, in just two minutes. Game changing. And the drying time is quite remarkable. Essie is correct on its claim this polish dries in under a minute, however I would say it takes a further five minutes of drying time before you can really go about your business. After all, there is 'dry to the touch' and 'try enough to put clothes on without causing any smudges'.

As for the finish, the colours I've used give an uber glossy, highly pigmented finish. Essie do promote Expressie as a one-step colour, and the brand is right. You can get away with just one coat, however I add a second coat to provide an extra depth of colour and perfect coverage.

There are 20 shades of Expressie on offer - unconventional colours that manage to tick each colour in the spectrum - you have your pinks, reds, browns, greys, orange, greens, blues, and blacks. The quick dry formula is also vegan and, as with all Essie nail polishes, cruelty free. 

Each Expressie polish is £7.99 and is available from Boots and

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