Thursday 17 September 2020

Review | Urban Decay Stoned Vibes

Urban Decay new palette, Stoned Vibes, is for those among us that are anything but subtle. Cue the review...

Stoned Vibes is a 12 shade eye shadow palette that is infused with genuine tourmaline to block bad vibes. It's like Urban Decay knew what 2020 had in store for us. 
The all-new shades are made up of eight shimmers and four mattes. The palette features a double ended eye shadow brush that includes a flat end to apply the matte shades or build depth, as well as a fluffy end to diffuse and blend. Urban Decay advise using your fingers for more pigmented colour, however I use a combo. I use my finger to deliver better depth of colour and then a brush to blend it out - it works a charm. 

The eye shadow textures themselves are incredibly creamy and easy to blend. This was a pleasant surprise as, in the palette, the shadows looks as if they'd be rough to the touch and bring heavy fall-out. Instead, the formula is smooth, fall-out free and highly pigmented if applied with a finger or using a damp brush. The only shade that isn't as highly pigmented as I would like is Good Karma (the ivory matte), however in fairness to Urban, this is more of a base shade, so super a high pigment isn't the biggest priority! Oh, and as for lasting power, these shadows stay put for hours. Even longer if you use a primer and setting spray!

As beautiful as the shades look in the palette, I found that a few of them looked slightly different when applied. So I've swatched them below so you can see the final colour...

From left to right:
  • Antidote (peach matte)
  • Vibes (rose metallic microglitter)
  • Tiger’s Eye (copper metallic microglitter with pink shift)
  • Opal Aura (iridescent shimmer)
  • Jade (green metallic microglitter)
  • Good Karma (ivory matte with sheen)

From left to right:
  • Third Eye (deep eggplant matte with sheen)
  • Meditate (bronze metallic microglitter)
  • Raw Energy (sheer violet sparkle)
  • Ojo (royal blue metallic microglitter)
  • Bloodstone (deep green with red metallic shift)
  • Hexed (red-brown matte)

The new Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette cost £46 and is available at Boots and

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