Friday 8 May 2020

Review | OGX Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner


I don't think there is a haircare brand on earth that seems to have as many collections as OGX. The brand seems to have, at one stage, included every technology, every scent, and every superfood imaginable in its haircare products and I'm here for it. The latest interesting ingredient to carry a OGX collection is apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient that has a surprising number of beauty benefits. When it comes to the hair, apple cider vinegar detoxifies and clarifies the hair and scalp to promote shine, hair strength, and overall hair and scalp health. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help keep dandruff, dryness, and itchiness at bay. So you can understand why OGX chose to utilise this natural powerhouse in its new Clarify & Shine+ Shampoo and Conditioner.

The OGX Clarify & Shine+ Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo (£7.99 Boots) gently cleanses the hair and scalp to remove dirt and product build up. Its formula (obviously) features apple cider vinegar to help balance the scalp, remove unwanted oil, and leave hair super clean and shiny. It works its way across the hair and scalp effortlessly. Only a small amount of product is required to achieve full coverage and a good lather. It rinses away completely without fuss and carries a gorgeous fresh and fruity fragrance.

Like it's shampooing partner, the Clarify & Shine + Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner (£7.99 Boots) also utilises apple cider vinegar to balance the scalp and promote shine. It spreads evenly and easily throughout the hair, gently conditioning and detangling as it goes. It rinses perfectly, leaving no greasy residue behind and, like the shampoo, smells lovely!

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