Wednesday 1 April 2020

Quarantine Beauty | Eyebrows

Self-isolating isn't the greatest thing in the world, especially when the sun finally makes an appearance BUT it's for the good of the country so stay at home, kweens. Sadly, without the regular trips to the hairdresser, nail salon, spa, or clinic, our personal upkeep will be taking a hit. However, being under quarantine may have its benefits. By not having to face a goddamn soul, you have the freedom to either try something completely new or correct something that's been bugging you for months, safe in the knowledge that - if it goes to shit - no one will see it!

So, for those looking for beauty ideas during this crazy time, I have a quarantine mini series for you. Each post will have a different beauty focus - whether that be nails, hair, or skin. This one is all about the brows...

Most women I know, myself included, are on a never-ending eyebrow journey. Either they're the wrong shape, are too thin, or each brow looks nothing like the other, not even sisters. The only way to correct brows naturally is to get them to grow out in preparation for a restyle, however this leads to unsightly stubble. Luckily, self-isolation will allows these beauts to blossom in private!

Whether you are looking to grow out your brows or simply reshape them, your first job is to leave them alone for as long as possible. Now, in all honesty, great growth will take time. The growth cycle for eyebrows is four months (which may be as long as this lockdown). However a good growth serum can cut that down to just eight weeks. If you're looking for this kind of fast track, I recommend using the RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (£49
To support good growth, it's also important to regularly exfoliate your brows. No special brow exfoliator is required - I just use a good abrasive facial exfoliator. My all-time favourite is the Kiehl's Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion (£41 John Lewis).

Once you're happy with your new growth, I advise tinting your brows with an at-home tinting kit. Dye picks up the smaller, lighter hairs that usually go unnoticed, so darkening them instantly gives the appearance of fuller brows. A great at-home tinting kit is the Eylure Dybrow (£7.49 Superdrug). Once you're done dying your brows, the time will come to style them. Even if your aim is just to grow them out a little, you'll still need to tidy them up. As far as I'm concerned, tweezing will give you the most precision and Tweezerman tweezers are still the best around. I love the classic Slant Tweezers, in rose gold, of course (£22 John Lewis).
For those girls wanting to create a new or improved shape, I stress using eyebrow stencils as a guide to avoid making mistakes. They make achieving the perfect shape incredibly simple. I love the B. Eyebrow Reuseable Arch Eyebrow Stencils Kit and it's only 99p! (Superdrug).

Now, if you're still a few hairs short of the perfect eyebrow, don't stress. Sadly over plucking can lead to permanent damage, causing some eyebrow hairs never grow back. Luckily isolation is the perfect time to start mastering penciling in your brows. I'm a fan of eyebrow powder for a more natural look - the NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder (£6 is my go-to. However, The best way to create false hairs is to use an eyebrow pen. The Lime Crime Bushy Brow Precision Pen (£18 is one of the best for creating precise, natural looking brow hairs. I swear by it.
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