Monday 6 April 2020

New Brand Alert | Q+A

Now y'all know I love it when a new beauty brand comes to market and I love it even more when said brand is British. Call me old fashioned but it's nice to support your fellow ccountrymen and women. Luckily for me, February saw the launch of yet another British beauty brand. It goes by the name Q+A and its focus is skin-benefitting simplicity...

Q+A is all about producing skincare that is stylish, effective and - importantly - essential to a daily routine. This brand ins't about ramming your bathroom cabinet full of endless lotions and potions you'll forget to use or simple won't really need. It's about simple products that will keep skin healthy and glowing... at a price that'll make you do a double take. All products cost under £12.00.

Yes, just £12.00.

Every Q+A product is made in Norfolk and formulated using 98% naturally derived, high performing ingredients. You won't be surprised to hear that the products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and mineral oils. The products also come in packaging that is 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and beautifully branded. Now I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I like my beauty products to look as good on the shelf as they do on my skin.

There are 13 products in the Q+A collection so far and they are all vegan bar one, which contains beeswax. But, let's be honest, the beeswax issue is up for debate with many vegans. Products range from activated charcoal face masks and peppermint cleansers, to liquorice lip oils and zinc facial serums. And, if you're confused about what products would be best for you, the brand have a handy online quiz to discover your skin type and skincare needs, helping you create the most suitable skincare routine.

Hero Q+A products include the Caffeine Eye Serum and Niacinamide Daily Toner. The Caffeine Eye Serum contains caffeine (shocker), green tea extract, and pomegranate extract, to decrease puffiness, protect the delicate eye area, and help correct uneven skintone and dark circles. As for the Niacinamide Daily Toner, it contains niacinamide which calms the skin, whilst tackling wrinkles, reducing inflammation, and evening skintone. It also features hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to blast the skin with hydration and create a protective barrier to defend against environmental damage.

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