Saturday 10 November 2018

The Beauty Myth: Toning Is The Second Step In Cleansing

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False. This myth is so common that some of y'all may not believe it's a whole bunch of bullshit. Many people believe that toners are intended for removing any dirt left behind after cleansing. But let me be clear, there should never be any dirt or makeup left behind after cleansing. If there is, you better get your ass back in the bathroom and cleanse some more.

What you may be even more shocked to realise, is that toner should actually be left on the skin. You see, toners are meant to be applied after cleansing, to restore and repair the skin. There are several different types of toners, each designed to address a variety of skincare needs - from reducing the appearance of pores to moisturising and refreshing the skin.

My go-to toner is Pestle & Mortar's Balance (£28 This fine misting facial spritz is formulated with deep sea Irish magnesium, amino acids and herbal extracts to blast the skin with hydration, improve skin health, balance sebum production and reduce skin pollution. This toner feels amazingly refreshing on the skin and it's non-sticky texture sits perfectly under makeup, as well as over it (if you plan on blessing your skin with a hydration hit during the day!).

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