Friday 27 April 2018

New Makeup Must Haves

Over the past few months I've been trying many makeup products. Some I've hated, some I've been impartial too and others I have absolutely LOVED. I'm obviously here to share the latter...

IT Cosmetics was a brand I began falling in love with last year. The brand was recommended to me by a friend, as I suffer from redness from time to time (especially around the nose and cheeks). The brand's founder, Jamie Kern Lima, suffers from rosacea and created the brand as a solution for real women looking for real results with makeup (especially coverage and colour correcting).

The brand recently added two products to its range and, yet again, I'm super impressed. The first is the Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream (£30 Selfridges). Long name I know, but it offers up a lot! I am already a fan of the original CC+ cream, so it's no surprise I love this new addition. Like the original, it applies and blends perfectly, lasts all day and doesn't irritate or dry out the skin - it also contains skin-benefiting ingredients and packs an SPF 50. Most importantly for me, it also doesn't go patchy (I often have this problem as I have dry and dehydrated skin in areas of my face). However, unlike the original, this new CC+ Cream gives a beautiful bright and dewy(ish) finish. It also does a great job at colour correcting, which is uber helpful to my pale and - annoyingly - transparent complexion.

The other new IT Cosmetics product I've fallen for is the Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination (£23.50 Selfridges). Like the new CC+ cream, this is an illuminating version of the original Bye Bye Under Eye (another IT Cosmetics classic). This miracle-in-a-tube is soooo highly pigmented that you only need a tiny amount of product per eye area. It corrects and covers like a dream, concealing dark circles, broken capillaries, redness and age spots etc. The only slight downside I can find to this (and even then, this is pushing it) is that the product is so thick that you have to really squeeze the tube to get it out. Surprisingly though, application is incredibly smooth and easy - no dragging whatsoever! The coverage lasts all day and the added brightening effect helps keep you looking awake and fresh... even if you aren't.

The next brand to bless me with a new makeup must have is Benefit and, you guessed it, I've fallen for new(ish) the BADGal Bang Mascara (£21.50 This mascara lifts the lashes like nobody's business. Getting used to it is tricky - in the beginning I had a few clumping issues - however after some practice, this mascara has become a firm favourite. It applies to the lower lashes beautifully (thanks to the very tiny bristles), leaving them looking enhanced but not overdone. It also has some serious staying power. Benefit claim that BADGal Bang lasts 36 hours... I haven't left it on for that long, however I can confirm it looks amazing from morning until night! The only slight downside is that I find it transfers a little on my brow bones (however it is easily wiped away!).

My next makeup obsession is the Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Laquer in Milk For Hunny (£19 Now, I normally don't fuck with lip gloss - I find most of them too sticky and uncomfortable to wear. However, I have not had this experience with the Smith & Cult Lip Lacquers. These glosses are formulated with natural coconut essence and portulaca pilosa extract to help smooth, moisturise and plump the lips. The glosses feel weightless on the lips and, most importantly, don't feel at all uncomfortable!

Another lip lacquer I've been loving is the Lancome L’Absolu Lacquer in 151 Be Happy (£23 This is a long-wearing lip gloss that has a beautifully smooth texture and an ultra glossy finish. It is buildable, however, like Smith & Cult's The Shining, it doesn't get sticky or uncomfortable the more layers you apply. L’Absolu Lacquer's texture and applicator make applying the gloss quick and easy. It is available in 29 other shades, so it won't be long until I start adding to my collection!

My next makeup must have is a little on the pricey side, however its cost is more than justified. After all, my gorgeous MUA friend, Tania Grier, recommend this product to me - so it has to be good! It is the Sisley Instant Eclat Instant Glow Primer (£60 Selfridges). Although 'Instant Glow' is in its name, don't be fulled - this bad boy does everything a great all-round primer should do - it brightens, blurs and perfectly preps the skin for further makeup application. It applies like a dream, working well on top of most moisturisers and it absorbs quickly. It leaves skin instantly smoother and more radiant. Even if I'm not wearing makeup, I will still apply this after my moisturiser for a health glow.

Talking of glow, I've also got hooked on YSL's Touch Eclat Shot Glow in Daylight (£23 This is a beautiful strobing cream that has a long-lasting, lightweight texture that provides a perfect dewy finish on the skin. It is highly pigmented and comes in two other shades - both of which also give a gorgeous natural-looking glow. It can be added to your moisturiser to brighten your whole complexion or applied over makeup to highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, cupid's bow etc. As y'all know, YSL is my favourite makeup brands and this is, yet again, another beauty banger!

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