Saturday 1 July 2017

Weekly Worship: Nanshy, Smith & Cult, YSL & Rouge Bunny Rouge


There are lot of makeup products and brands I've recently fallen for, so I thought it was about time I gave you Kweens an update.

The first is Nanshy, an affordable makeup tools - mainly brushes - brand I recently discovered. Starting at £5.95, each brush is vegan, designed by professionals and made by hand using antibacterial synthetic bristles (that are also super soft). There are over 24 brushes in the collection, making sure every one of your makeup application needs are covered. Each brush is available in a choice of either black or white. Now visually I love the white however, for practical reasons, I opted for the black... because, let's face it, makeup application has never come clean.


Next up is the Smith & Cult Book of Eyes Eye Quad Palette in Ice Tears. This four-shade palette features blue and grey colours that are just as fucking gorgeous as the case they're contained in. Just like the brand's famous nail polishes, the Smith & Cult makeup comes in packaging you'll want to show off at all times. The shadows are highly pigmented with a velvety texture. They also boast a smooth formula that makes blending a dream and creasing and fading a thing of the past. What I love most about the Ice Tears shadows - apart from their beautiful colours - is they have a multi-dimensional wash, enabling them to be applied wet or dry. I prefer to apply them wet as I can get an extremely precise application and serious intensity to each colour!


Another great new discovery comes courtesy of one of my favourite makeup brands, YSL. It is the Touche Éclat Neutralizer in Apricot Bisque. The neutralizer collection is all about correcting pigmentation issues and Apricot Bisque is focused on diminishing dark circles and spots. Having ugly ass dark circles, I'm a perfect candidate for this complexion corrector.


I've now been using the Touche Éclat Neutralizer for around three week and I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I'm angry for the years I've had to spend without it! It helps neutralize the purple under my eyes perfectly, making my dark circles less obvious and, when I apply foundation or concealer over the top, the dark circles disappear completely. The consistency is creamy and very lightweight but the pigmentation still strong, so only a little amount of product is required, helping avoid cakiness and creasing!


My final favourite comes from the Earth's most magical makeup brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge. The product in question is the Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara and its main purposes is separating, lengthening and curling the lashes. It does all of this perfectly and, thanks to its gorgeous ruby shade, brings serious intensity to my green eyes. It is also easy to apply and just as easy to remove.


In addition to instantly making the eyes look beauté, the Ubiquitous Magnitude Mascara also restructures and protects the lashes thanks to the silk proteins packed in its formula. It comes in three shades, ruby, black and brown and is fragrance and alcohol free, making it perfect for those sensitive types!

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