Monday 3 July 2017

Grooming: Sexy Scents


I love all men. However two things that really get me going are height and scent. You could have a face to rival Freddy Krueger but if you're over six foot and smell good, I'm gonna eyeball the shit out of you. Now not all men can be tall, but they can invest in a good fragrance. Here are some of the best sexy scents...

Code Colonia is the new fragrance from Giorgio Armani that launched earlier this year. It is a elegant and sensual scent that suits just about any boy. It is fresh and very light but is able to last throughout the day which is perfect in the hot summer months. This eau de toilette features top notes of mandarin orange, pink pepper and bergamot, heart notes of orange blossom, clary sage and amyl salicylate and base notes of heliotrope, tonka bean and amberwood. It is available in three sizes,50ml, 75ml and 125ml, with prices starting at £52.00.


Another great newbie is the Michael Kors Extreme Night For Men, an oriental scent that is seriously sexy. It is an eau de toilette that features top notes of black pepper, nugmet and bergamot, heart notes of lily, clary sage and cypress and base notes of orris, sandalwood, cedar, musk, vanilla and tonka bean. It is a complex and modern scent that only requires a few sprays to make an impact. It also has some serious lasting power, which is a pleasant surprise considering it's an EDT. Extreme Night For Men is available in three sizes 40ml, 70ml and 120ml, starting at £42.00.


The next big hitter has been in the fragrance game for some time. It is the Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'homme. This eau de parfum launched in 2009 but it's so sexy, you'd be a dick not to wear it this summer. Featuring a top note of cardamon, heart notes of bergamot, cedar and lavender and base notes of vetiver and caraway, this is a dark and powerful scent that turns heads. It has a moderate lasting power but the scent is so dope, you won't be that mad at the need to reapply later in the day. It is available in three sizes 60ml and 100ml, starting at £55.00.


The final fragrance must-have is the Marc Jacobs Rain. This fragrance is part of the Marc Jacobs Splash collection, a range designed to recapture the essence of summer (the other scents are cotton, pear and cucumber). Created by Laurent Le Guernec, this eau de toilette smells of fresh summer rain, grass and flowers. Containing top notes of cut grass, wild strawberry, celementine and cypress, heart notes of passion flower, white orchid, sunflower and water and base notes of amber, moss, teak wood and musk, Rain is a watery floral that is simple, clean and perfect for summer. It is only available in 100ml and costs just £38.00!

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