Friday 21 July 2017

Review: The Ren Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Collection

Ren, one of Britain's best beauty brands recently launched a new body range, Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium. The five-piece range harnesses the sea’s renewable energy to provide you with hydration and energy. The main ingredients include kelp, magnesium and algae, all under-water skin wonders!.

Kelp is harvested from the Atlantic and it is a rich source of both magnesium and calcium. It protects the skin, whilst also keeping it hydrated and moisturised. Magnesium, on the is a big-fucking-deal for the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is essential tin supporting the natural functions of the body. It also does a great job of boosting cell energy levels, and combating fatigue. Like magnesium, Algae effects your a good way. It de-stresses the skin and supports your natural sleep rhythm.

The collection includes a hand cream and an anti-fatigue body scrub, body cream, bath oil and body wash and everyone of them is a pleasure to use. However my absolute favourites are the Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil and Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub.

In addition to featuring the collection's three key ingredients, the Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil also features anti-fatigue essential oils to help lift your mood and get you going on the energy front. Unlike other bath oils I've used, the Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil creates impact with only a few drops! The scent is beyond gorgeous and my bath game has been seriously updated since using this!

The Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub is one of the best body exfolitaors I've used in a long time. It is a creamy exfoliator that is packed with epsom salts that really get to work deeply massaging and cleansing the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells and other nasties. I use this scrub once a week to keep my skin super soft. I also use it before shaving to help prevent ingrowing hairs and irritation. Works like a goddamn dream.

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