Thursday 1 December 2016

Christmas Gifts For Bae

Christmas gifting can be tricky af, especially when selecting gifts for the opposite sex. Being women, we know what fellow women want, however it's not always easy understanding what gifts get men going. So I have put together a selection of presents that are guaranteed to go down well with the most important man in your life, bae...

If your guy is big on grooming, I have a few recommendations and first up is The Perfect Shave Kit from one of the best male grooming brand around, Anthony. This kit contains everything bae would need for the closest, cleanest shave - including the brand's Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream and After Shave Balm. Together these products help leave your skin clean, hydrated and nourished post-shave.

Now if bae is beardy, I recommend the Philips Beard Trimmer 7000. This grooming gadget has an integrated vacuum system that captures hair as it's your pristine sink doesn't have to! This precision trimmer also has a lock-in length setting and hair lift comb that guides and lifts the hairs into the optimum cutting position for an effortless, even trim. Not bad for £50.00!

Another great grooming gadget is the Magnitone Clean Sweep. Moving at a speed of 15,000RPM, this cleansing brush features Vibra-Sonic Deep Cleansing technology that ensures all the dirt, sweat, bacteria and pollution accumulated throughout the day is removed from the skin. Its HydroPRO head also enables this bad boy to exfoliate 30% deeper (even under facial hair!) to help prevent ingrown hairs and prepare skin for the smoothest shave.

Whatever bae's beauty needs are, he has to appreciate a good fragrance and Hugo Boss and BVGALRI both have scents that'll keep him smelling sexy. The Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense contains top notes of apple and orange blossom, heart notes of geranium, cinnamon and clove and base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood and vanilla, which work together to create a warm and spicy masculine scent. The Bvlgari Man In Black is a strong and compelling scent that features top notes of rum and spice, heart notes of tuberose, iris absolute and leather accord and base notes of benzoin, tonka bean and guaiac wood. It is a powerful seductive scent that lingers on the skin for hours after application. A gifting must!

If you're looking for a fragrance on the more affordable side, hunt down the Lynx Daily Fragrance Adrenaline Trio Gift Set. At just £15.00, this body care bargain features an Adrenaline Daily Fragrance, Adrenaline Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and Adrenaline Shower Gel, all featuring the sharp, icy-fresh fragrance that'll keep bae energised throughout the day.

If bae cares more for booze than beauty, give him some real Christmas spirit this year. Supermarket shelves are stacked full of gins, vodkas and rums to get him merrier than a motherfucker, however you can't go wrong with Jim Beam's Double Oak Bourbon. This Kentucky classic is smooth yet intense in flavour and, to ensure bae drinks it in style, throw in a pair of Don Draper inspired whisky glasses. Dartington Crystal's Dimple Double Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses make for the perfect drinking partners. They are stylish, classic and made in England!

If bae is more of a beer boy, you'll have to gift him to the Food & Beer book by Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø this Christmas. This premium chef cookbook was born out of Luksus, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in the world to exclusively pair beer with high-end dining. It is packed full of mouthwatering recipes, interesting beer discussions and info on how to create perfect pairings.

Now to keep bae's inner child alive, I recommend gifting him the ultimate big boy toy...a drone. This year, are stocking the world's smallest quadcopter drone and it only cost £24.99. Being honest, I don't know what the drone hype is all about but men can't seem to get enough of them. Trust me when I say bae will appreciate the hook up!

For all the geeky baes out there, I recommend the Sugru Rebel Tech Kit - a nifty pack providing 14 different tech fixes that'll improve and organise their gadgets. It only cost £10.00, making it a great stocking filler! Another kit bae will love (and I actually want for myself) is the Sneaker Cleaning Kit from This handy travel tin includes two bottles of cleaning fluid and a combination brush for cleaning and restoring sneakers to their pristine condition.

If you still don't know what to get bae this year, your final option is a Nando's gift card. I refuse to believe there's a living man that doesn't need a bit of peri-peri in his life. Whether you fill the gift card up with £10.00 or £100.00, bae is sure to love it!

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