Thursday 25 August 2016

Weekly Worship: Dr Jackson's


Dr Jackson’s is a British apothecary-style beauty brand that puts science at the heart of natural skincare, and this is why I love it. Now I'm not a natural-skincare-or-nothing kind of girl (lolz at the thought!), but if a natural brand can deliver products that provide the same results as its synthetic counterparts, I'm interested.

The brand was founded by Dr Simon Jackson, a British pharmacognosist who spent years carrying out in-vitro and in-vivo testing on indigenous plants and traditional medicines and collaborating with the best formulation scientists in the world to create a range of results-focused skincare products.

I'm currently using (and loving) two of the brand's products; 03 Face Oil and 02 Night Skin Cream. 03 Face Oil is a rich serum formulated with baobab oil, marula seed oil, calendula flower extract and arnica flower extract. These natural ingredients work together to alleviate dry and damaged skin, improve tone and elasticity and smooth the skin, as well as heal it and reduce inflammation. I mainly use this face oil before bed or add a few drops to a face cream for an extra beauty boost. 02 Night Skin Cream is another rich product that is perfect for dry skin. It has a thick consistency but absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It contains kigelia fruit extract, baobab oil, frankinsense and mango seed extract, which leave skin soft and supple after just one application.

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