Sunday 17 July 2016

Review: Cloud Nine Wide Iron


As ya'll know, I've never been one to do too much to my hair. I love using interesting products to help maintain - and improve - hair health (shampoos, conditions, treatments, the usual BS etc.) but as for styling, it's either down au naturale or up in a messy top knot. Part of the reason being that my hair is fine and doesn't have a hope in hell of ever holding a hair style. However I recently used my friend's straighteners whilst prepping for a wedding. They gave me a smooth, shiny and more put together look which I became a little obsessed with.

So a few weeks later, after dreaming of my beautiful hair experience a few too many times, I got my hands on a pair of Cloud Nine Wide Iron straighteners and I have officially fallen in love...

These Cloud Nine straighteners are pretty special for a number of reasons, a main one being that they come equipped with a controlled heating system. The straighteners adjust from 100°C to 200°C according to intelligent thermal sensors and Ceramic Heat Element technology, which ensures an even temperature across the entire surface of the super smooth ceramic plates. The six heat settings also enable you to apply the correct amount of heat you need for your hair type, so your locks don't have to suffer unnecessary damage.


A second big benefit is that these Cloud Nine Wide Irons feature revolutionary mineral infused ceramic plates, which deliver instant heat and minimise damage to the hair. These special plates smoothly glide over the hair whilst locking in moisture and sealing cuticles. The wide plates and curved body also help to straighten hair much faster and - thanks to their 360 degrees swivel cord - much easier.

I can't stress how much I love these straighteners. They leave my locks poker straight and uber-glossy and my hair stays this way up until the second I wash it (which is often days later...don't judge). The Cloud Nine Wide Iron retails for £129.95 (or $250.00 from and is worth the me.

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