Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Make Hair Smell Amazing For Longer


A good quality shampoo and conditioner can leave hair smelling amazing, however if you want your locks to smell luxurious for longer, you'll have to make like Miranda Kerr and reach for a fragrance. The Australian supermodel is known for spraying her favourite perfume on her hair. "I like to spritz on the ends of my hair, and also on my clothing before I get dressed - just a little spritz on my clothing. It's a subtle way when you enter the room for people to feel your presence, but not be overwhelmed by it".

Now, if you suffer from dry ends, you may want to avoid spraying perfume directly onto the hair, as most perfumes contain alcohol that will dry out your hair. Instead, spray your favourite perfume onto a hair brush and then brush your hair as you normally would. VoilĂ !

If you fancy treating yourself, you could even invest in a hair fragrance. My go-to hair fragrance is the SHOW Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance 30ml (£55.00 Selfridges / $85.00 Sephora). It smells absolutely divine, thanks to notes of rose water, coconut milk, caramel, patchouli and soft white musk. However its gorgeous scent isn't the only great thing about Decadence Hair Fragrance. It is formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera and jojoba oil, which help fight free radicals, prevent colour fade, enhance shine and restore hair’s natural strength!

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