Monday 20 July 2015

Behind The Brand: NEOM Organics

NEOM Organics history

Date of Birth: 2005

Founding Fathers: Nicola Elliott

History: Neom's founder, Nicola Elliott, started her career in journalism, writing for the likes of Glamour, InStyle and Marie Claire. During her writing days, Nicola and those close to her were affected by the hectic pace and stress of working long weeks in the city and, to relive this stress, she would turn to essential oils. She began making powerful therapeutic elixirs for her and her friends and these beautiful creations went down a treat. So it was no surprise that in 2005, along with business partner, Oliver Mennell, Nicola launched Neom Organics.

NEOM Organics founder

USP: NEOM products are packed with therapeutic benefits. They are also made in Britain from ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients.

Giving Back: The brand recently launched the Neom Wellbeing Board that is designed to offer a 360° support service. Neom and the Neom Wellbeing Board believe that the correct balance and synergy between all areas of health and wellbeing is essential for maximum wellness. The highly-respected team, made up of 11 experts, are specialists in mindfulness, nutrition and fitness and between them, they offer expert insight and knowledge on how to holistically improve sleep quality, reduce stress levels, boost energy and improve mood.

Offerings: NEOM offer a variety of products to relax, calm, enegerise and de-stress and lift your mood. These include everything from home candles and body oils to body scrubs and treatment candles.

Availability: NEOM products are available across the UK in John Lewis, Heal's and Selfridges.


Price Points

Candles: Up to £45.00

Diffusers: Up to £38.00

Treatments: Up to £36.00

Bodycare: Up to £34.00

NEOM Wild Mint & Mandarin Body Scrub

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