Tuesday 23 June 2015

The Tuesday Tip: DIY Mixing Medium

Mixing mediums are an incredibly useful beauty tool, providing versatility in the way you use and apply different colour cosmetics. Mixing mediums help to control the application, texture and finish of cosmetic powders. Many people use mixing mediums with loose pigments and glitters, as they intensify colour, hold product together and help it stay put.
There are a huge number of great mixing mediums on the market, however you can make your own; and doing so is incredibly easy and very cheap...

You just need:
  • Glycerin (£1.39 Boots / $5.99 CVS)
  • Water
  • Container

The formula for making a mixing medium is one part glycerin to three parts water (I use a tablespoon for a measuring tool). To make the mixing medium, just pour the glycerin into the container and add water. Once the ingredients have been added, shake the s**t out of the container and voilĂ , your mixing medium is ready to use!

Now, as this DIY mixing medium contains no preservatives, it is important that you replace it every two weeks. For these reasons it's best to only make a small amount at a time.

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