Tuesday 26 May 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Eye Cream On Cuticles

Although they get overlooked in the world of beauty, cuticles are kind of a big deal. They are a crucial part of new nail growth as they cover - and protect - the matrix. The matrix is responsible for producing cells that become the nail plate. Because of their importance, cuticles need to be given some TLC on a regular basis. If not looked after, cuticles can become dry and hard, causing them to flake, peel and crack, so it is important we look after them.

To keep cuticles as healthy as possible, do not cut them or pick them and keep them well moisturised. Many people keep cuticles soft and moisturised by applying cuticle oil or cuticle cream regularly, however eye cream does the trick and saves you splurging on extra beauty products. Eye creams are an effective treatment for dry and hard cuticles, as they are ultra moisturising and hydrating. 

Any good quality eye cream will do the trick, however if you're looking for a recommendation, I would suggest the Mad Hippie Eye Cream 15ml ($24.99 madhippie.com). This rich eye cream deeply moisturises the skin, making it perfect for softening cuticles. As for the eye area, this cream is great for those who suffer with dark circles (like myself), as it contains regu-age, eyeliss and haloxyl - three ingredients known to help reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Mad Hippie Eye Cream review

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