Monday 25 May 2015

Review: Skin Laundry

The Promise: "Every Skin Laundry treatment leaves skin deep cleaned and toned. Frequent treatments result in more dramatic improvements in the areas of acne, redness, unevenness, dullness, hyper-pigmentation and photo-ageing"

The Price: £100.00 per treatment (discounts are available to Skin Laundry members)

The Place: 3 West 16th St. (between 5th & 6th Avenue), New York 10011

The Treatment: Appointments at Skin Laundry are super speedy; deeply cleaning and treating the skin in under 10 minutes. Because of this, Skin Laundry is the perfect skin pit-stop for busy gals on the go.

My Skin Laundry experience began with a helpful (and lovely!) Physician Assistant providing a step-by-step run-down of what the treatment involves (which, FYI, is a combination of a YAG laser and a IPL). I then had to lie down on a table, pop on a gorgeous pair of safety goggles and prepare for the treatment.

The treatment began with a Skin Laundry Healthcare Professional working a handheld YAG (yttrium-aluminum-garnet) laser around my entire face (twice), vaporising makeup, bacteria and excess dirt from my pores. Although the YAG didn't hurt, it did feel a little hot on my skin and provided a slight tingling sensation. It also created a not-so-pleasant burning smell, however - as the Physician Assistant assured me - this was just the smell of dirt and impurities being vaporised from my skin!

Skin Laundry Treatment

A layer of cooling gel was then applied to my face, which felt amazing on my skin. The IPL (intense pulse light) was then used to even out skin tone and reduce redness. The IPL created high intensity pulses of broadband light that went around my entire face - the light was so bright that I was able to see it flash through my safety goggles! After the IPL was complete, the cooling gel was wiped away and the Skin Laundry Essential Daily Moisturiser SPF35 (£25.00 was applied.

The Results: The second the treatment was over I saw great results; my outbreak had significantly reduced and my face was radiant and incredibly smooth. My skin was practically perfect the days following the treatment and it has been in great condition ever since.

Now, it is important to note that the Skin Laundry treatment isn't designed to be a one-off skin fix. You get your hair cut, eyebrows threaded and nails manicured on a regular basis, so why wouldn't you look after your skin in the same way? Regular visits to the laundry will keep skin problem-free and will help to fix many skin concerns you may have. The long-term results of regular Skin Laundry treatments include reduction in pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, acne and broken capillaries, as well as an increase in collagen and elastin production.

The Pro: The Skin Laundry treatment provides instant benefits to the skin in a matter of minutes

The Con: Skin Laundry is currently only available in the US

Skin Laundry Cleanser

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