Sunday 15 March 2015

Weekly Worship: Fountain & Trevor Sorbie

Fountain The Glow Molecule Review

Price: £38.00 240ml


It has been said that the future of beauty will focus more on what you put in the body, as opposed to what you put on it. However I am a girl that hates taking supplements, so this is quite a scary thought. Luckily there is brand lurking on the beauty shelves that takes the pain out of popping beauty pills. It goes by the name of Fountain and it creates drinkable supplements.

I have been trialling Fountain's latest product, The Glow Molecule, and I freakin' love it. Taking it is incredibly easy - you just swallow two 10ml teaspoons per day, either directly or mixed with a drink. It has a sweet but nondescript taste and a syrup-like texture.

This miracle molecule is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and a high-strength reactive Glutathione Complex, which work together to hydrate the skin and give it a gorgeous glow! I have been taking The Glow Molecule for just one week and have already started to notice an improvement in my skin. It radiant and much more hydrated than normal...not bad for just two spoonfuls a day!
The Glow Molecule Review
Price: £5.70 5g


Now there isn't much to say about the Trevor Sorbie Volume Big Hair Powder, other than...OMFG!

I have very fine hair, so I'm forever trying products that claim to add thickness. I have played around with hair powders in the past and have experienced their benefits. However this hair powder is like no other. It adds so much thickness and volume to my roots, that my hair looks like it stepped right out of an eighties beauty pageant every time I use it.

The Volume Big Hair Powder gives so much texture to my hair that it is difficult to put my fingers through it once applied. This is fine with me though, as this serious stiffness enables my faux thick hair to stay in place for hours. I love this product so much that it's safe to say I'll be buying it for the rest of my life.
Trevor Sorbie Volume Big Hair Powder Review
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