Tuesday 24 March 2015

The Tuesday Tip: Get The Most From Free Beauty Sachets

Get The Most From Free Beauty Sachets

Free beauty sachets are everywhere. They are stuck in the pages of our favourite magazines, they are thrust at us while we shop and they are gifted to us when we make beauty purchases.

The main problem with beauty sachets is that its difficult to use them more than once. Either the entire sample spills out on first use or the remaining product turns nasty days after opening it.

Luckily I have a super simple trick that will help you get the most out of free sachets; you just need a sachet and a needle. All you need to do is pierce a tiny hole in one side of the sachet using the needle. That way, you just have to squeeze the product through the tiny hole as and when you need to apply it.

How to make free beauty sachets last

This not only makes application clean, but the tiny hole prevents air getting into the sachets and spoiling the product.

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