Thursday 8 January 2015

Review: KIKO Precision Lip Pencil 302

KIKO Precision Lip Pencil 302 Swatch

The Colour: Natural Pink

The Price: £4.20

The Stockist:

The Application: As much as I love this lip pencil, I need to make one thing clear. The colour is not really natural pink; well not on my lips at least. I'm unsure why KIKO describe it as such, however I would say the colour is more of a light-medium brown, with peachy undertones. The colour is actually a good dupe of the MAC Nice 'n' Spicy!

Right, on to application. When wanting to line the lips, this pencil glides on smoothly. However, when using the lip pencil to cover the entire lips (as above) the pencil tugs at the lips a little. On saying that, lip pencils are designed to lock in lip colour and provide staying power, so they have to be a little on the stiff side. Talking of staying power, this lip pencil has it - I only ever find myself reapplying it once during an entire day!

The colour itself is highly pigmented and completely opaque; one layer is enough to cover my natural lip colour. It has a matt finish, however sometimes I like to apply a lip gloss or balm over the top to give a gloss finish.

Now the best thing about this lip pencil is that it provides perfect precision; it is not called the Precision Lip Pencil for nothing! It creates a sharp and clean line around the natural lip, which also makes it the perfect pencil for extending the lip, à la Kylie Jenner!

KIKO Precision Lip Pencil 302 Review

The Pro: Great pigment, great lasting power and great price!

The Con: When applying all over the lips, the Precision Lip Pencil tugs at the lips a little

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