Friday 9 January 2015

Review: Update On My Wheat Belly Experience

Wheat belly review

So yesterday marked the end of my first week on the Wheat Belly diet, and I'm please to announce that I am still alive! I made it wheat-free for a whole week, which, for me, is pretty impressive.

I've managed to lose seven pounds in my first week, which has come as a huge shock. Now I don't expect to loose this much every week, however if I can lose a steady two to three pounds per week, I would be a very happy girl.

The Wheat Belly diet was difficult at first - in the same way every diet is - however I soon got used to the do's and don'ts and now find my day to day eating habits a lot easier. To give you an idea of what I am eating, breakfast is usually eggs, fruit or yoghurt. Lunchtime consists mainly of salads with either chicken or cheese (halloumi, camembert, cheddar etc.). For dinner I usually have meat with vegetables or salad, on occasion I include a small portion of rice or potatoes. I add flavour to these dishes by marinating the meat with spices or wheat-free sauces. Snacks are anything from 85% dark chocolate and baked parsnip crisps, to 0% fat greek yoghurt and fruit. Now I know what I'm currently eating sounds a little on the boring side, however my life is so busy at the moment that I've struggled finding time to try out exciting wheat-free recipes. However this is going to change, as I plan to cook some interesting dishes in my second week of the Wheat Belly diet.

I will give y'all another update next week. In the meantime, wish me luck!

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