Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Tuesday Tip: Puffy Free Party Season!

If you're anything like me, your next month will be full of parties, drinking and very late nights, so looking your best is sure to be a top priority. The problem with the late nights, drinking and parties is that they can lead to puffy eyes. Luckily I have a little trick that will help keep those peepers puff free!

To go from inflamed to fabulous, all you need to do is pop your eye cream, serum or gel in the freezer 10 minutes before applying it. The cold cream will act as a cold compress, reducing unwanted puffiness.

As to which eye product to choose, any will do. Lately I've been loving the Vichy Idealia Eyes 15ml (£23.00 Boots / $31.00 ULTA). This eye serum is light but deeply hydrating, which helps to smooth unwanted fine lines. It also contains illuminators which instantly brighten the eye area - great for reducing the appearance of dark circles.
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