Monday 10 July 2023

ZING | The Tasty Toothpaste Brand

Cleaning my teeth has to be one of the most boring parts of my daily routine. Those 2 minutes seem to go on for ages and there isn't much room for multi-tasking. So when I heard about a new brand that's brought tasty toothpaste to the market, I was intrigued.

The brand is ZING and it offers a next-generation toothpaste with one impressive formula. Its stand-out ingredient is hydroxyapatite, an ingredient first developed by NASA, to remineralise enamel and reduce sensitivity. The formula also includes papain - a powerful whitening enzyme that whitens teeth in just weeks. Importantly, the formula is free from titanium dioxide, a suspected carcinogen that, despite being banned in food by the European Food Safety Authority in 2021, is still commonly found in supermarket toothpastes. In addition to being free of titanium dioxide, ZING is also free from SLS - a foaming agent that can cause mouth ulcers.

Formula aside, what really makes this toothpaste special is its flavour offerings. Zing currently offer four different taste sensations - peach, apple & kiwi, soft lemon, and original mint. Each one of these flavours taste amazing - distinctive but not overwhelming. My personal favourite is peach as it is fruity, sweet, and surprisingly refreshing.

Endorsed by industry experts, Zing is sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in Britain. Each toothpaste costs £12.99 for a 75ml tube and is available from

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