Tuesday 1 November 2022

Beauty Fix | Repairing a Nail Tear

It may sound a little dramatic, however a broken nail can be a bit of a nightmare - especially if you have a big event approaching. Luckily there is a quick fix that not only repairs your nail, but can make it look as though it was never broken in the first place....magic, right?!

You will need:
  • Nail glue
  • One tea bag
  • Base coat
  • Nail lacquer

  1. Cut open a tea bag and throw away the tea leaves until you are left with an empty paper bag.
  2. Cut a tiny piece of paper out of the bag, making sure it is big enough to cover the entire tear.
  3. Dab nail glue over the tear and, using tweezers, press the paper on top.
  4. Once the paper is immersed in the glue, and is covering the entire tear, leave it to dry.
  5. When the glue has dried completely, gently buff the paper until it has blended in with the natural nail. It is important not to buff too much as the paper is already very thin. 
  6. Once buffed, apply a base coat to the nail and finish up with a nice lacquer. VoilĂ ! No one will ever know!

Now, broken nails can happen to the best of us, however if you find your nails are breaking more than usual, you may want to apply a strengthening treatment. The best nail strengthener I have ever used is the OPI Nail Envy. 

OPI Nail Envy is a nail treatment that helps deliver longer, stronger, and harder nails. What was once a single award-winning nail treatment is now a solid collection of treatments catering for different nail concerns - from peeling and sensitive nails to soft and thin nails. The original formula is still the hero of the collection, however it is also available in four classic OPI shades to add a tint of colour. 

Each Nail Envy treatment costs £21 and is available from Boots

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