Tuesday 18 October 2022

Hydrating Hair Heroes

As I've aged, I have noticed that my hair - like my skin - has become dehydrated, resulting in limp locks that lack any sort of shine. Luckily there are a number of hair products on the market, ranging from shampoos to leave-in conditioners, that help inject hydration into the hair. Below is a selection of my favourites...

Shampoo | Sukin Hydrating Shampoo 

Sukin's Hydrating Shampoo (£5.95 Boots) is formulated with shea butter and coconut extract to naturally nourish and condition the scalp, and repair dry and damaged hair. Olive oil is also included to strengthen hair, add shine, and reduce frizz. 

With a gorgeous scent of coconut and lime, Sukin's hero shampoo helps invigorate the senses while showering. 

The Hydrating Shampoo is cruelty free, vegan, and free from sulphates, silicones, and other harsh chemicals that can dry out and strip the hair and scalp.
Conditioner | Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Olaplex's No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner (£28 lookfantastic.com) is the perfect partner for re-hydrating and restoring hair that undergoes frequent colouring, bleaching, chemical treatments, and heat styling. It is designed to target the appearance of frizz and breakages and helps to fortify damaged hair.

The vegan and cruelty-free formula works to re-link broken bonds in the hair (which are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage) and repair them, restoring compromised hair to its former glory. It also gently restores hydration levels without adding excess weight, making it perfect for eliminating damaged frizz and promoting strong, healthy, and shiny hair.

Hair Mask | JVN Deep Moisture Mask

The JVN Deep Moisture Mask (£21 SpaceNK) is an intense conditioning treatment that deeply infuses hair with moisture for healthy-looking softness, body, and shine. 

The thick and creamy conditioning treatment adds lasting nourishment and hydration, and also helps improve elasticity to reduce damage and breakage.

It is formulated with rice protein to add strength and shine, camellia oil to moisturise and soften, and hemisqualane to smooth and colour-protect. 

The Deep Moisture Mask is suitable for all hair types, especially fine hair, dry hair, and medium to coarse hair. It is free of silicones or sulphates, vegan, and sustainably packaged in a recyclable aluminium tube. Ohh and it boasts a gorgeous scent - a sweet fruity concoction of lemon, blackcurrant, white orchid, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Hair Oil | Amika Glass Action Hydrating Hair Oil Universal Elixir

Amika's Glass Action Hydrating Hair Oil Universal Elixir (£20 cultbeauty.co.uk) is one of the Brooklyn hair brand's most love products. It is a nutrient-rich versatile hair oil that diminishes frizz and puts life back into lacklustre hair.

Whether used as a styling aid or finishing touch, Amika's Universal Elixir delivers silky and shiny locks. 
It is designed for use on all hair types but is particularly beneficial to those with dry and dull hair. 

The Universal Exilir is packed with nourishing plant extracts and oils, including a high concentration of omega 7-rich sea buckthorn oil, a hero ingredient for Amika due to its superior hydration and elasticity-boosting benefits. It's also infused with wheat germ oil - a source of vitamins A, B and D, as well as fatty acids - to soften strands. 

All Amika products are cruelty-free, contained in 100% recyclable packaging, and made using 90%+ post-consumer recycled plastics to reduce virgin plastic production.

Hair Treatment | Glaze Super Gloss Conditioning Gloss

Glaze is a newish haircare brand with a treatment that I can't get enough of. It is called the Super Gloss Conditioning Gloss (£12.99 Superdrug) - a high-shine, semi-permanent hair colour that doubles as a super-conditioning gloss treatment. It delivers a gorgeous glossy tone to both natural and colour-treated hair hair, enriching existing colour and reviving lackluster locks.
Formulated with babassu oil, Super Gloss deeply conditions and nourishes strands for extreme softness and shine. There are nine colour options available - three blondes, three browns, two blacks, and one red. There is also a clear option for those that want a colour-free shine. 

Pre-mixed and ready-to-apply, Super Gloss develops in 10 minutes on dry hair and lasts up to 10 washes. Its vegan, cruelty-free formula is free of sulphates, parabens, dimethicone, PPD, silicones, ammonia, peroxide, and bleach.

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