Thursday 21 April 2022

Baby | Owlet Cam V3 Review

The Owlet Cam V3 is a smart Wi-Fi-connected camera that streams secure, HD 1080p video to any smart phone using the Owlet app - transforming your phone into a portable baby monitor.

It features HD night vision, a 130° wide-angle view, 4X pinch-to-zoom, and room temperature sensor for complete visibility into your little one's room. It also has sound and motion notifications, 2 way audio, alongside background audio that plays while you use your phone for other tasks. For the security conscious, the camera boasts AES 128-bit encryption + TLS connection to Wi-Fi.

The Owlet Cam V3 comes with an adjustable magnetic base station which allows you to stand it on a surface or mount it to a wall. Wherever the base station is positioned, the camera can easily be manipulated to point to any direction you require.

We've been using the Owlet Cam V3 for a few months now and love it. It was incredibility easy to set up - both the product itself and the app - and is equally as easy to use. The app couldn't be more simple to navigate - which is important if less tech-savvy grandparents are baby sitting! I also love that the app enables me to see into Ezra's room whenever and wherever I want - even if I'm on a night out with the girls.

Although we have the app on both of our phones, we choose to have the Owlet app on an iPad so we can quickly glance into his room without needing to open the app on the phone. This is for two reasons, firstly I've been too used to seeing a monitor (our old one had both the camera and monitor), so it's hard to not have that comfort blanket next to me on the sofa. Secondly, the app doesn't load instantly and - although it is relatively quick to load - I feel more reassured knowing I can see him instantly, if I want to.

The quality of the video is good in both day and night mode, and the sound and motion detection works perfectly, giving us complete peace of mind. One of my favourite features of the Owlet Cam V3 is the 'background' sound option. The 'background' mode keeps the sound turned on even when you are out of the app, enabling you to have your ears on the room whilst texting or using other apps.

For those looking for a good monitor to use with a newborn, the Owlet Cam V3 can be used with the Owlet Sock - a next-level monitoring device. The Owlet Sock is an award-winning Smart Sock that tracks your baby's oxygen level and heart rate - the best indication of baby's health - while they sleep.

The Owlet Cam V3 is available from a number of stores and websites, however we got ours from This is the perfect site for baby and toddler supplies. It stocks everything from prams and nursery furniture, to weening supplies, bath equipment, and home safety. The online baby store provides free delivery for all orders over £49.99 (within the UK Mainland) and has great customer support - both before and after purchase.

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